13 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest

How to get more followers on Pinterest?

Are you curious about how to get more followers on Pinterest? and drive more traffic to your website for free? if you read in detail every part of my suggestion, in this 13 hack secrets and put it into practice in your Pinterest account, you will find it is not hard to get it.

Please be patient to read the entire article.

Pinterest proves to be the best sale conversion social media, in the world with activated users of 300 million, until 2019. Since people would rather view visual content, such as fantastic images and videos than plain text posts, Pinterest has become one of the most popular social media, to share everyday time life.

Are you struggling to get website traffic without any direction? but only hope and stopped? I did try a lot of research, to prove these 13 hack secrets strategies, to lead your website to rank a top ranking in Google, which make me gain 35.1k monthly viewers on Pinterest.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest

According to data from Wikipedia, with 3x year over year growth in Germany and Brazil, and 2x year over year growth in France and Japan. it drives more referral traffic to retailers than LinkedIn and YouTube.

If you had not mastered the secret strategies, that were performed on Pinterest, you are out of social media, and lose a large amount of chance, to meet your target audience. read the below guide on how to implement without any payment, I never pay for a course but a summary of my experience.

#1 Niche Keyword Research Is The Main Tips To Get More Followers On Pinterest

Why Select A Keywords Research To Get More Followers on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine that will catch up with Google, at a fast speed growing with more and more active users. It will gain lots of webpage weight authority for your blog ranking. if you can leverage Pinterest with correct SEO tips, it is relaxed to drive tons of targe website traffic for your blog, and target followers on your Pinterest.

Whether you do well or not on SEO, depending on your keyword, though it is not the only factor for ranking in the search engine, as the most important part of SEO tips, you should put keyword research in the first place, not only on Pinterest but also on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

How To Select The Keyword Tools To Get More Followers On Pinterest

What is the best keyword to select? and how to find the best keyword that will rank for? Before Pinning on your Pinterest boards, you should have a Niche keyword research, what is your blog about? Your main target, is to drive more traffic to your blog website, what is your blog content about?

Check The free ultimate guide for website keyword finder. Note the most important thing you need to know is, don’t create content after and then try to rank it, but create content before you know what it is you want to rank, it is related to your business。

In the short term, you should know what are your audience search for, and what content will you offer them, to solve their pain point issue, so that you can get a high click-through rate, and then convert. this is the critical step to success.

Keyword on the internet is not so accurate, as a Pinterest search engine, but a great help with your brainstorming, to discover more keyword inspiration, here are some hack tips to find more Pinterest keywords, to rank for your pins and boards.

1. Get More Pinterest Followers with keywords in the search bar 

You will make an amazing keywords discovery, and get tons on the auto-complete drop-down keywords list, in the search bar, this is the most comment method, just type the seed keyword, and then enter the space key, which will pop up a drop-down keyword with a long-tail.

Leveraging the soup alphabet technical, types characters from A to Z, you will discover surprising the hire gold-mine keyword, which you will not think of. these are the hottest search keyword on Pinterest, writing a post or pin with this kind of long-tail keyword, you will fast rank your content.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest-drop-down.png
10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest-soup-alphabet

2. Get More Pinterest Followers With keywords found on the navigation bar below the Pinterest search box.

When people search for their seed keyword in the search bar, 80% of the users will click on the navigation bar, to check if there is the content they like, if your pins and boards match the keyword, on the navigation bar with a long-tail, you will get a great chance to be found in the search results, this is secret tips, which was the good experience with me time tested, pins and boards get more save and increase Pinterest followers fast for free.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest-navigation

3. Find your Pinterest keyword among the search results with a scroll bar

Sometimes on the left or right sidebar. When you continue to scroll down and look for more results, it will appear for more related search keywords, hire among the search pins, this related keyword will offer you more inspiration for long-tail. Since the competition is so intense, using the right long-tail keyword, will make your content stand out from other competitors.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest-scroll-long-tail-keyword

4. Find the Keyword using the internal Pinterest ads search box

You don’t need to pay for ads, but if you have a large amount of investment, to promote your business, is it also a good idea to create your ads account, promote your pins and boards, to get more Pinterest followers.

Boost Pinterest ads is a very low investment and high conversion, if you get tips to select keywords, ad pins, and Pinterest audience, the higher click, the lower cost you waste.

There keyword research tool inside, this ad system for you to select for ad promotion, no need to waste money on ads, but only create a campaign to add some seek keywords, then this inside keyword tool, will offer you a large number of keyword suggestions within Pinterest.

These keywords are popular search items with millions of search volumes, and also a great inspiration to dig for more long-tail keywords. Choose relevant keywords to increase ad impressions, in search results and Related Pins.

Look at the types of content related to your website, put a keyword list in excel and write a blog post, try to use SEO tips to rank number one, drive people back to your website, get leads, get traffic, and sell them on your products, get website subscribers and Pinterest followers easily and fast.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest-ads

5. Get More Pinterest Followers With  PinterestKeywordTool

This is a free cool keyword tool for Pinterest, you can easily get a list of keywords, in just a few seconds, type in the search box, then click my keyword, download it to an excel file, and then create pins and boards to match in title and description. before you know what your customers will look for, your pins and boards will get more exposure.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest-keyword-tool

6. Using Google Extension Pinterms To Find a vast of Pinterest keywords

It will auto search with alphabet soup technical, it is very simple and fast to find hundreds of popular Pinterest keywords, the same as in the Pinterest search bar, keywords in the search bar drop-down, which means to be the hot search keyword on Pinterest.

You will get large search volumes, with such hot search keywords and phrases. you don’t need to extract keywords manually with large hard work, from the search bar, just install this Google extension in your Google store, type seeks keyword, and then fast to export massively related keywords, it is also free, just put your efforts in creating more interesting contents, to your blogs and pin to Pinterest.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest-Pinterms

7. Use Pin On Top To Get More Followers On Pinterest

The Pinetop tool can Easily Sort Pinterest Results By Number of Re-Pins, or By Number of Likes! It Easily to Sort Pinterest Results, By Number Of Saves !. It finds the most popular content for a keyword, or set of keywords, and Helps you find the stuff everyone else likes the most.

Great for Market Research Find out what people really want, like, or need, it is totally free. One-click re-ranks the results, to put the most saved posts at the top, Discover Unlimited Product Ideas Fast. A great tool to find the best-selling products, on many platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Just install the Pinontop of Google extension, types the search keyword on the search bar, and click the Pinontop button on top, only take a few second, it will filter the most saves and repin pins and boards, which will make you stay on top of the Pinterest trends, then click the most save pins, checking about, what keyword the pins are using in their title and description.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest-pinontop.png

8. Use Jaaxy Keyword Tool To Get More Followers On Pinterest

Jaaxy keyword tool is an online keyword tool, that helps to select the best keyword, to get ranked on Google and other search engines, such as Pinterest. No need to down or install any software, it is time-consuming to choose the best competition, less than QRS 100 with a search monthly volume, avg more than 30 times.

Without any complicated filtering process, in just a few seconds, you can get access to hundreds of target long-tail keywords to rank for your post and pins, very easy to manage, and save the keyword list for your next time use, or just for the anchor text inner link.

Jaaxy keyword tool

Jaaxy keyword has helped massive of entrepreneurs, who were successful in their business online, and it was well appraised by its users, you can check the feedback with honest users, written by a real user of mine Jaaxy keyword tool review 2020.

It is free to sign up for an account,  it is free to experience 30 times search, you will find the power keyword, for your Pinterest SEO is so amazing, no payment, sign free account now! and try to find a gold keyword below:


#2 Complete Profile In Niche Keyword To Get More Followers On Pinterest

How to get rank and get more followers with SEO tips

If you haven’t created your own Pinterest account, sign up for free now, the first thing you need to do, it is to complete your profile, with full content, including what is your business, and your profile name with brand or keyword, which will show you to your audience. if they are interested in your keyword name, or brand keyword description, that is a brief introduction to your business account.

I would recommend you optimize your account with SEO, including account name, bio, and all pins and boards you create. These are your niche keywords, The important here is to include some keywords, while talking directly to your audience, and attracting their attention, with a“call to action” message like click bio, check for more detail on my website. this field must be SEO optimized,

Why Need a business Pinterest account?

If you want to do business, please convert to a business account, but not to be a personal account, there are many benefits to a business account, take, for example, you can verify with your blog website, which can gain lots of exposure with Pinterest.

Adding a website widget on your toolbar, getting a rich pin on Pinterest, gaining a lot more credits and authority, creating an ads account to promote your brand, etc. you will find lots of differences between a personal account and a business account.

Add a fantastic image logo of your brand, edit the display name with your brand, and add a fixed username, with keyword-rich, which will stand for your Pinterest URL, this is important for your brand, to be found on the Pinterest bar. Claim your website and another account like Youtube, Instagram, or Etsy store if you have one. after the finish, the profile, try to pin lots of amazing images to your boards, that look very fantastic to follow you.

#3 Consistent To Create Helpful Content To Get More Followers On Pinterest

In order to reward you as an active account on Pinterest, you need to consistently create rich pins and boards to your Pinterest, maybe 2-3 pins a day, including stunning images and attractive videos.

There are lots of images tool to edit the picture, and to add a call to action I highly recommend using Canva or photoshop, Canva has the Pinterest template, and lots of image widgets to make your picture look amazing, and be easy to download and use. I would like to share a post on how to use Canva for free.

Note that Pinterest pins size, with 2:3 like 1000:1500 pixel, will gain more saves and go virus. The recommended pin dimensions are 600px by 900px. If you are using a different width, just make sure that it is a 2:3 ratio. For instance, 735px by 1102px works too, Pinterest is inherently visual—so it’s important to get your images right.

Don’t add any text on the pins, if it is not an illustrative image that needs a call to action, if you want to stand out from competitors’ pins, try to make a difference, by designing your pins in a different style using the elements.

Make sure that your content is helpful, interesting, and engaging, if you had done the keyword research about, what to create that your audiences are looking for, it is simple to get inspiration to create rich content, that your audience will like and save, then go virus.

#4 Rich Keyword In Your Pin/Board Title And Description

After doing the niche keyword research about what to pin, the next step is to create your own boards, save pins and ask other pinners to contribute their pins, and share to your own boards, create a different topic with different boards, no matter whether single boards or group boards, which was managed by yourself.

It is better to add niche keywords to the title, and description with hashtags, by describing what is it about your board, which will help to be searched by other pinners to find you, if keyword-related, it is easy to get more followers to your boards. Note that the keyword in the title matches the description.

Use 2–3 hashtags per pin don’t use more. You can select hashtags the same way, you can select keywords. Create a short pin description, that describes the article or page, with the relevant keywords. Pinterest promotes pins with keywords and hashtags, in descriptions getting access to more impressions. Keywords are related to your pins found in the above guide.

#5 Joint In Pinterest Group Board To Apply Contributors

You can create your own group boards, and ask other pinners to contribute pins to the boards, you can ask your followers or other pinners, that have many followers to join. and try to join other keyword-related, or niche group boards to contribute your amazing images or videos. If you are active pinners to create stunning artworks to go virus, other group board owners will ask you to join them, to contribute your pins to their board.

Note that, never pin the same pins over and over again to the same boards, which makes other pinners annoyed, read their rules before joining their boards. you must pin the images to niche-related boards, no spam link to the friendly group board, or you will be banned by suspended your account.

Look for a large number of group boards on PINGROUPIE, type your keyword, and you will get access to multiple group boards, which is related to your niche. or search keyword in the search bar, selecting boards, when you find a board with more than one pinners, in their board profile photo, it is a group board.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest-group board

Look for niche influences to follow her/him, and look at her/him profile, what other group boards is she/he joining in, then you also apply to join in them, apply to be a pin contributor. send an email to the group board owner.

Just send a message to her directory, saying that you want to contribute very amazing pins to their boards, to catch more eyes and save her boards, she will be happy to invite you to join. Go to her community, click all boards, and then look for her group boards to join in.

#6 Follow Niche Boards And Influences

The best and quick ways, are to search niche influences in the search bar with a keyword, filter with people, check their followers with the largest numbers, and then follow them.  This is one of the easiest freeways, to Find Influencers on Pinterest, by looking up their pins, and mostly to those pins which have the most re-pins.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest-group board

You can also select boards, and click to check who are the board contributors? That was the one with lots of pins, click his/her bio, to check how many followers are they getting, and select the activated engagement influence you like. if you follow them, 80% of chance will get back from their follow back.

Another method to find influence is to search the group board owner, and the contributors in your niche, you will find most of the group board creators, and contributors are large quantities of followers influencers, try to follow them and get follow back.

When you are checking his bio, click the see all boards he or she was joining, you will find a large amount of relatives’ niche boards, and follow the boards and the influence of the board. check his/her community, what board he is following, and find the board contributors.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest see all boards
Sure, if you have enough money to pay for some internet marketing tools, such as the below list, it is fast to find some hot search content, on many social media to go viral. These tools like below:

  1. Upfluence
  2. GroupHigh
  3. Global Influencer Directory
  4. Buzzsumo
  5. Alltop

#7 Follow Your Competitors’ Followers

Your competitors have the same niche target audience as you, so the best way to get more followers on Pinterest, is to follow your competitors’ followers and their boards. search keyword in the search bar, find uses with the keyword in your niche, then click a community to check, who is following him or her, and who is he or following on. Follow his/her followers and follow together.

The same is to find more competitors in the niche, like the search for influences, go on to some group boards to find the board owner, and board contributors to follow them, and get access to more boards and groups, and then join their the communities. try to follow every day, for hundreds of relatives and niche competitors’ followers, will follow you back in a short time, if they are active on Pinterest.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest see all boards-competitors

You can use a powerful Google extension Pinterms, to auto-follow in the search results,  This tool is a very powerful keyword research tool on Pinterest, you can also search and follow users, by setting it automatically, in an interval time of a few seconds or minutes to follow, if you follow too fast without any stop.

You will be marked as spam or robot, and your account will risk a suspension, or block for your behavior, to protect the Pinterest communities.

You can unfollow someone who doesn’t follow you back, if you follow many followers without their following back, you will have limited to follow for more followers, when after you get access to a large number of quantities.
Users can start unfollowing those users, who were followed by the Pinterest extension tool, if those users haven’t followed you in [48] hours, using the powerful tool Pinterest.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest see all boards-pinterms

#8 Schedule Post With Free Tools

You can create a pin with a scheduled time, on Pinterest setting itself for free, but this needs manual editing one by one. There are some social media marketing tools, use for scheduling posts, like Hootsuite. HubSpot, Tailwind. The best time-saving way to keep an active post, on people’s leisure time, but not working time is by scheduling your social posts.

Keep your social presence active 24/7, by automatically scheduling hundreds of social media posts at once. get access to large data on each post to analyze, which time are more active in posting the content on your Pinterest.

Then schedule the post at a proper time to get more followers, and keep engagement with them, the more active the more engagement you get, the higher your rank in weight authority, and the more traffic driving to your blog.

#9 Be Engagement With Other Pinners

You should keep active, and engage with other pinners all the time, follows for more pins and boards, like their pins, leave comments below their pins, and repin more and more pins to your boards and other groups pins.

Note, never send spam, but always offer informative content to solve other pinners’ issues, put yourself in other person’s shoes, if you are a newbie on Pinterest, the best way to get more followers, it is to like and repin other pinners’ pin, and get follow back.

#10 Get More Followers on Pinterest With Pins From Blog Posts

If you have your own blog website, continue to create a variety of stunning content based on SEO, get a ranking on Google with keywords, and verify your Pinterest account with this website, you will get a large number of followers, after driving lots of target users to visit your website.

Adding a save button code to the themes’ footer, all of the images in our blog will get a save button, when users’ mouse hover on the images, they get a chance to get more pins from the blog posts.

If you haven’t created a website to boost your online business, it is simple without any technical issues to build your own blog, to get ranked on the search engine, highly recommend using a website builder with Siterubix, which is owned by Wealthy Affiliate,.

It is a powerful integration with the website builder, and affiliate marketing training platform, Lots of entrepreneurs win their success, from this friendly internet marketing university. I learn everything about online business on this affiliate marketing and Google SEO platform, I will happy to help with you How to create a WordPress website for free. step by step.

Create diverse fantastic images using Canva or photoshop, if you don’t know how to search for massive photo resources, check the below list of image sites, to select the amazing images for your blog website.

Add a different style of images or illustration, a graph in your blog post, if there are 10 images on your post, you can pin them 10 times to your Pinterest boards to get more followers.

  • Magdeleine. co

#11 Build A Pinterest Widget To Your Website Toolbar

Add the Follow button and Pin, board, and profile widgets to give people more ways, to interact with your Pinterest account from your website. Go to Pinterest developers, and click on the Tools menu, you will see the widget builder for your website, take, for example, add a save button to all of your images in your blog.

Add a follow button to get more Pinterest followers for your account. or create a Pinterest board or get your Pinterest profile code, Create buttons and widgets that you can add to your website or app. drag it to the small toolbar on the right-hand side, or page foot to get more followers, it is very easy to follow the step in the guide of the Pinterest developer.

10 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest widget

#12 Never Buy Fake Followers

Don’t try to buy any fake followers from any other social media, not only Pinterest, but they also are not your target audience, and make no sense to waste time on them, and add the chance to get punished by search engines. if you continue to pin the images that the fake followers don’t like.

They will leave and unfollow you without any engagement, if your pins sustain not get any engagement, you won’t get ranked on Pinterest, and no more followers, no traffic for your website.

#13 Use The Correct Hashtags To Get More Followers On Pinterest

Try to use keyword hashtags in your description, to get the chance to be found in the Pinterest search engine, find the popular hashtags that are relevant to your niche only, and don’t just try to add crazy hot hashtags, that are not relevant to our content, you will be punished and lower your weight authorization.

Add several but only too much-relative hashtags, they can be popular and long-tail keyword phrased combinations, you will find lots of popular keywords in the search bar, or relatives recommend keyword phrases, like the keyword search method mentioned above.

You can also search the hot hashtags in the mobile search bar, the hashtags on the desktop are no longer available. but using keywords in the search bar, it is available for hashtags. you can also use the navigation keyword for hashtags, for it is a hot search below the search bar. Pinterest’s internal ads keyword tool, also offer you most of the popular keyword, as a suggestion for hashtags. you can add them to your board, your profile, and your pins to get a search for ranking.


These 13 hack secrets, to get more followers on Pinterest are verified to be effective, with the implementation of my Pinterest activities. each step you need to digest slowly and implement, on your Pinterest marketing strategies. even if you are newbies on Pinterest.

Follow these 13 hack secrets, step by step, and post stunning pins consistent, in a not long time, you will get more followers on Pinterest, and drive more target traffic to your website, all of these tips are free referral traffic, great worth for investing your effort on it, hope this hack tips can help with your online business, if there is any question, please leave comments below, I will reply soon.

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    Thank you again for putting this together – I will definitely follow these recommendations.

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