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How to create a good Linkedin profile 14 Tips for more views

LinkedIn is the biggest business social network, Founded on December 28, 2002, and launched on May 5, 2003, it has owned 600 million+ members, with its development may consistently grow ever since. Creating a good Linkedin profile will help you to get more views of articles, and easy to build more connections, and most important get more traffic for your blog from LinkedIn.

It is a great platform for you to build and engage with your professional network, and access knowledge, insights, and opportunities for your career, it is also a great website traffic source in social media. If you have not leveraged a strong social network, this guide will teach you how to create a good LinkedIn profile step by step.

1. Edit your Custom Good Linkedin Profile URL

It is easy to edit and customize your LinkedIn URL, rather than to use the LinkedIn automatically generated will combinations of numbers, and show people how you look who are not signed in, it is easy to find you in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. When you are expanding your brand, it is helpful for people to remember you and search for your profile.


2. Upload Your LinkedIn Banner With Professional


When other people click your profile, they will have a look at your banner and have a rough idea of what you do with your business, and get the chance to establish a connection. if you don’t show any banner, they will neglect your request for connection.

Or reply to LinkedIn that he doesn’t know you, if you get lots of these replies saying, I don’t know this person, your profile account will be suspended. A clear banner with your business will be attractive to get more clicks and get more traffic for your blog.

3. Upload Your Profile picture

Make sure to upload your profile image with your own picture, Choose a photo of yourself that looks friendly, professional, and clear that gives people a feeling of closeness, and wants to build a connection with you.

If someone with indelicate or naked images, people will take him/her as spam and reject to connect with him. Most of the good LinkedIn profiles with large connections, their profile pictures look more professional and formal.

4. Brief Introduction Yourself In Headline

One important note that you never forget is to add a brief introduction of yourself in the Headline, you don’t need to add your job title if you are not going to change your job, just believe to write some ability or feature skill, the main role of your business.

Make your headline stand out. when people get your request of connection they will have a rough view of your Headline to know who are you and what you do, and decide whether to connect with or not, if you are the relative industry or appeal to their interest in, they will want to build a network with you.

If you write with some keyword that gets their attention, they will try to view your profile for more detail and click your relative link. this is the way how to get free traffic from LinkedIn.


5. Introduce Yourself In Detail In Summary

Edit the about you in the pencil below the headline, General to descript the summary of your business, note that the default summary only shows the first 3 lines, and make to offer a clear introduction of your business, and your unique qualifications. it is better to add some keywords. Fill out the summary field with 5–6 of your biggest achievements.

When someone knows that you have interested in him, he will click to see more of your detail, you can add some content information or a detailed introduction below. Upload or add media below the summary edit, Add or link to external documents, photos, sites, videos, and presentations.

If they are interested in your summary, they will click the link to your media profile. You can enhance your profile by displaying media samples on your profile.


  • The file size may not exceed 300 MB.
  • The maximum resolution for images is 120 megapixels.

6. Fill In Your Work Experience

It is important to add work experience for you if you want to look for a challenging job. Let more people know what you can do or what is your business about. Make sure to fill in your experience with reality. You will get a chance for a job to introduce, or get more chances to build a connection network.

You can add your company website, the projects you are working on, what are your skills and roles, your work time, or anything that can provide more detail about yourself. Try to treat your profile as a resume, you know how important the experience part of the CV is.

7. Complete Your Education background

Complete your education background helps people know more about your professional knowledge and expertise, and it is a good chance to find a high-salary job, LinkedIn, the platform will recommend the LinkedIn member from the same education school you may know, and it is easier to build more connections.

Some employers may take more attention to your educational background when viewing your resume. Students with advanced degrees and Brand famous universities, take advantage to be employed.

8. List Feature Skills and Endorsements

List some feature skills of yourself and request endorsement from your connection, you can endorse your connection network and take note attention of his, he will thank you or reply back to you, then take a view on your profile again.

Help identify relevant opportunities and content on LinkedIn, You can endorse him as a workfellow relationship or management, or endorse someone’s skill from others.

The more skill endorsements you get, the more views you get from others, and it is easier to build a network. The skill endorsement is a recognition of your work and performance of personal ability.


9. Request Recommendations From Your Connection

Recommendations are the same function as Skills and Endorsements, you can ask for recommendations from your connection. They can be your friend, your workfellow, or your customers, and network from your connection that has been building business relationships with you.

It is helpful to know what kind of person are you better with, it is great to build trust relations with other unknown potential customers. Most enterprises establish business cooperations based on the trust relationship, if you get more recommendations from others, it is easier to get more connections with more networks.


10. Start To Grow Your Connection

How to grow your LinkedIn connections safely

You should consistently grow your connection day by day and update your feed to increase your social network. Send a personalized customized invitation to different people, tell them where you found them, and why you want to connect with them, connect with them and add a note with a different message, not send them the same default message, which will increase the risk to be blocked.

Take a view of somebody’s profile and pay attention to his feature interest and hobbies to write a customized invitation, so that increase the chance he will accept your connection request, then you will increase your connection network day by day.

LinkedIn tips to send invitation connections

When you send an invitation for a connection, it is better to send it to the person that is in your industry or work together, or have a business relationship, or have the same interest and hobbies, and send them a message about why do you want to connect with him.

Don’t waste much time or spam connections with lots of people you don’t know, you will get many rejects with I don’t know you, finally, it is a risk that your account will be suspended, if you have built a large network for a long time, it is unworthy to lose your account.

11. Join Your LinkedIn Group

Why join in LinkedIn Group

Linkedin groups are like a hub of people with the same interests that enable people to make contacts, share information, find or give answers, and ultimately get established as experts in their industry, it is a good way to share your knowledge and relative articles.

How to get more connections with LinkedIn group tips

Make sure to create information and helpful content, not to send spam links, follow the group rules, and always be active and engage with other group members. comment and answer other people’s questions,

Always act as a helpful perspective, you will get a good reputation in your industry, drive lots of LinkedIn traffic for your website, and finally build a large social network, and make revenue from your blogging website.


12. Start To Post Great Content To Your LinkedIn Profile

Content is the king, it is fit for not only blogging websites but also other social media, and LinkedIn is no exception. Post-high-quality content to your profile feed, active to write and update continuously, and share all kinds of formats except for text blocks, such as images, videos, graphs, and so on.

You can share articles links or Youtube videos on your feed, but it is better to write articles or upload video directory in your LinkedIn profile feed, because LinkedIn likes original content creation so your LinkedIn profile will get lots of views and free traffic from LinkedIn, you can add a link back to your website blogs, then you will get tons of referral traffic from LinkedIn.

13. Complete the other Profile section

Accomplishments like Publications, Patents, Courses, Projects, Honors & Awards, Test Scores, Languages, Organizations, Licenses & Certifications, volunteers and experience, and so on. Follow some of the famous influences with large connections. After you finish completing all parts of the profile, you will get an All-Star mark on your dashboard.

14. Conclusion

LinkedIn is not only a professional career platform for job seekers but also a strong business social network, as a blogger, we should take full advantage of its powerful connections and network to develop our business online, most of the members on LinkedIn are active

If we can know more about the algorithm of the LinkedIn platform, and make use of SEO to optimize our LinkedIn profile, we will make many profits from this powerful social network.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account or haven’t completed your LinkedIn profile like the following guides, this guide on How to create a good Linkedin profile will be helpful for you to make use of LinkedIn.

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