WordPress Website For Free

How To Create a WordPress Website For Free Step By Step

Whether you are starting with your blogging beginner, being a professional affiliate marketer, or startup on any online business, you need a website to display your product or service. but considering the budget as a website beginner, you may want to create a WordPress website for free.

A WordPress website is just your best selection, to start a free website without the need for coding skills, it is free, rich-featured, and easy to use. In this guide, I will show you how to create a WordPress website for free, so that you can avoid expensive site costs as a website beginner.

Why Do You Create A WordPress Website

Expand your website brand

In the long term, working on your own brand website makes sense, by using your website with a unique domain. It is a real virtual estate to build a connection, with your audience, it is the foundation of your online business where to drive, all of your ultimate visitors’ traffic, a place to establish trust and brand within the industry, and a platform to promote your product, and service ultimately generate revenue.

If you don’t have a website, where to share your content and product or service? it is not dependable without a website, If you don’t have a website, you don’t have anything to back you up, in terms of showing a company. Your business will gain credibility by having a website.

Get Access to your target audience

You own your website and can control the path your visitors take, you can collect leads, by setting up an Email marketing sign-up form, on your website and filtering their offer, to your Customer Relationship Management.

You can write high-quality blog posts with embedded videos, images, graphs, etc whatever is compelling to your audience, a great way to get more traffic for your blog. a unique platform to perform your SEO on your blog content, and get it optimized to rank on Search Engines.

I suggest owning a website is more important, everything establishing online business trust through your own website, is a great online platform for long-term relationships.

Choose Your Niche In WordPress Website for Free

What is Niche for a website?

If you just start a new blog or website, the first important thing you need to consider, is what kind of Niche market would you like to write about? someone may be a little confused about, What is a niche market definition? A Niche market is a specific segment market of the overall, you can term it as a subsection, of the market in general, which has not been exploited to a large extent yet.

So a Niche market is essential for a specific topic, the more specific the topic, the better the chance to get the target audience, that makes sales by offering solutions, to their problems. Take, for example, Sport is a broad market, but specific to the segment part, there are a huge amount of needs like Yoga, basketball, football, skating, etc.

How to Choose a Niche for a WordPress website?

When choosing a niche that fits you, choose a topic that you know thoroughly, or you can learn about it, something that is ideally an interest, a passion, or a hobby, that you want to write about, with an endless of topics.

You can read and do lots of research, before choosing a Niche market. There are many ways to discover your Niche market. do your website keyword research, with an effective approach, you will get lots of Niche market topics, and blog content ideas. This post about the ultimate guide for website, keyword finder will give you more inspiration, for Niche keyword research, and choosing a good Niche market. Here are some approaches to discovering a Niche market

  • Jaaxy keyword tool
  • Google Alphabet Soup Technology
  • Quora platform
  • Reddit platform
  • Answer the public
  • Yahoo Answer
  • Wikihow
  • Ehow
  • Facebook Group
  • Pinterest Navigation

Another important point to consider, before choosing a Niche market, is whether the specific topic will generate revenue or not, in the future, all of your purposes to create a website, is to drive more traffic to the target audience, then promote a product or service, within your Niche, it will make no sense if the Niche doesn’t make profits.

What main factors to create a WordPress website

If you want to own your website, you must know three major parts of website components, they are web hosting which is web space, a web domain, and content management system (CMS), which is a website builder platform.

  • Web hosting is where to put your website file and contents
  • A domain that points to your web hosting
  • Content management system recommend WordPress platform

How to get WordPress website hosting for free?

Webspace is the disk space, that hosts files for your business, when you sign up for their service, it is like a house for living people.

Before choosing a website hosting, you need to know whether it is good not or for you, just confirm with the web hosting supplier with the below list:

  • Offer Live 24/7 technical support
  • 24/7/365 website support
  • Integrated training help
  • Security Package
  • SSL
  • SiteSpeed Performance Boost
  • Network with Experts
  • Hosting Speed
  • Daily Backup
  • Whether they have an Invisible consumption

Why choose Siterubix a free WordPress website hosting

You can own a free web hosting in many places, but I know one web hosting, called Siterubix which is owned by the same founder of Wealthy Affiliate, will not only offer you one Wordrpess website for free, but they also offer a series of, internet marketing training courses, that teach you to step by step on how to make money with blogging for beginners.

The first 10 lesson courses are free, they are shared as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate, it is part of Online Entrepreneur Certification training. It will walk you through all the steps, from creating a successful online business to generating money. Getting started on the course (level 1), is your first step, to realizing your potential as an online business owner.

With the Siterubix Webhosting platform, you can create fully functional websites, in just a few minutes, they provide a web hosting experience you will safe running and fast, and they take care of technology, security, and monitoring, so that you can focus on growing your own business, all about network technology, barriers have been removed, so you don’t need to worry about, any coding skills. Sign up for a free.

What Features Does Sitebix offer for WordPress Websites For Free?

WordPress website on Siterbix web hosting, you will get some features and benefits as below:

  • 10 lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification, (total of 50 Lessons)
  • 10 lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp Training (total of 70 Lessons)
  • 2 Classrooms, Evolving Daily (total 12 Classrooms)
  • 1 Free WordPress Websites Platform
  • 12 Beautiful Website Designs Themes
  • SiteDomains, The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform
  • Virus & Malware protection
  • The Ultimate Writing Platform
  • Grammar & Spelling Perfection
  • Jaaxy Keyword Tool for 30 times search
  • 30 scans for SiteRank, Tracking Your Website Rankings
  • 7 Days Live & Instant Support
  • 1-on-1 Private coaching training for the first 5 Days

Get a free Siterubix web hosting without any credit card, request and no waste of you any money, you can keep yourself accountable whenever you want, and keep learning, while earning with your website, it is the most helpful and activist community, in the world that will help you, succeed with your online business, whenever you need, don’t have an account yet? sign for free.