How to get more traffic for your blog-21 Tips and Tricks

Your main goal for every blogger to create high-quality content is to get more traffic for your blog, generating quality targeted traffic to a fresh website is suffering, today I am going to show you some tips step by step, and you will get tons of traffic by implementing this traffic strategy.

Before reading the tips and strategies for the blogging traffic in detail,  please obtain the outline of this article:


1. Leverage the Long Tail keyword To Get More Traffic

What are the long-tail keywords?

The long-tail keywords are longer and more specific than common keywords which are a combination of three to four more keyword phrases .they are more specific keywords that visitors type in at the point of purchase purpose.

Long-tail keywords get less search traffic than common keywords, but they actually have a higher conversion value and type with the target audience, and they make up the majority of search engines, it is much easier to get ranked in Search Engines.

A long-tail keyword is a specific keyword type that is specifically for discovering your Niche market among a specific group of people, Concentrating on selecting the best suitable long-tail keyword will bring optimization, and it is a good approach to reach your target visitors.

Why choose long-tail keywords?

Focusing on a long-tail keyword can get more traffic than a common keyword, why? there are several advantages of targeting long-tail keywords:

Less competition

Although you will get tons of search volume for head keywords and common keywords, they are super competitive, and most of the search results are not the exact target audience, and they will not click for the head keyword results, while the long-tail keywords have lower competition and still have considerable search volumes, when you optimize your page around head keyword with closely-related long-tail keyword, you will rank fast in Search Engine.

Better content marketing

High-quality content is the king of rank. Creating content with the long tail keyword will hit the pain point of your target audience and solve the problem they meet and get a high click-through to click to read, you tend to gobble up a lot of long-tail traffic naturally.

More effective targeting

When a business targets long-tail keywords, they are specific to a group of people who are searching for a particular product a service, if you are offering the right object with their request. Take, for example, search wedding decoration, but I want content with wedding decoration ideas on a budget, what kind of content result do you think will show for me? it will show me a long tail with wedding decoration ideas on a budget no doubt.

  • The long-tail keyword has higher conversion rates According to recent research of Wordstream, the top 10% of landing pages convert at a rate of 11.45% while the average conversion rate for long-tail keywords is 36%.
  • The long-tail keyword has a high relative search volume People will have a misconception that long-tail keywords will have very low search volume to make sense to get traffic, but that is wrong,.
  • According to Ahref’s recent research data, longer keywords with three to four get a higher search volume than one or two short keywords, and they discover that 29.13% of the keywords with 10,001+searches are made up of three and more keywords. That is why long-tail keywords will get more traffic for your blog with target exact visitors.

How to find the quality long-tail keyword?

  1. Make use of the Google Alphabet Soup Technique
  2. Leverage the Jaaxy keyword tool.

Look for a more quality long-tail keyword, you can use a unique powerful Jaaxy keyword tool, check this article on keyword research, The ultimate guide for website keyword finder, you will have lots of keyword ideas.


2. Optimize Your Post for Search Engines

When it comes to the long-term traffic potential of marketing strategies, content marketing, and search engine optimization will offer you the best return on investment, they will naturally and continually compound return revenue over time with one-time creating content, although this traffic source is slow and takes more time to set up to start to return a positive ROI, it has almost no risk as long as you implement SEO correctly, you will get tons of stable and relevant traffic.

Install SEO plugins

  • Install SEO plugins on your WordPress website, like All in One SEO or Yoast SEO, both of them are the most popular SEO plugin for website optimization.

Submit website and post to Google

  • Submit your website to Google Search Console to verify the site ownership, and submit your sitemap to the Google webmaster tool, this allows Google to index all your posts and pages fast. this is the guide on How to verify website with Google?

Keywords setting for SEO tips

  • Use the target keyword in the meta title, the meta title tag is an important factor to help search engines understand what your post is about and lead clicks by target visitors who want to find the valuable content.
  • Use keyword in the meta description, it is in the first paragraph under the page title, it is a summary of your post which reveals when we search in Google and other search engines to find information on the browser, that is known as SERP( Search Engine Result s Pages), it is an incredible factor for click-through rate when pages or post come up for Google Searchers, depending on the keyword relatives or not.
  • Using the keyword in the post URL, keyword appearing on the page, or post URL is helpful in the relevance for content in a particular search query, the weight seems to be less significant but also an important factor to rank in search engines.
  • Include your target keyword in the first top 100 words, this action will allow Google to better understand what is your content about, then reveal the search result for you if it is keyword relevant.
  • The headline title is in the H1 tag with the keyword, and there is only one H1 on one page.
  • Subheading distribution, if your text is longer than 300 words, they should be separated by any subheadings using Focus Keyphrase, Use more focus keyphrases in your H2 and H3
  • Short sentences containing more than 20 words that are readable. The text won’t contain 3 consecutive sentences starting with the same word.
  • Focus keyphrase not too long, 60 max recommended characters.
  • All Image Alt tag with keyword

Adding internal link

  • Add two to five internal links back to your inner site post, an internal link is one of the most important rank factors in Google, and it can improve the authority through multiple pages of a website.

Analyze the keyword with Google Keyword Tools

  • Analyze the keyword search volume in Google keyword planner, but they show you an extremely unhelpful search volume range. how can you see how many people searched for your keyword? There are two freemium tools that get the job done.

#1 SEMrush

#2 Kwfinder

#3 Select keyword grows in Google trends

#4 Jaxxy keyword tool

  • Find the golden keyword that is easy to get ranked in your niche, it is the most important thing you need to implement, Otherwise, no matter how good your content is, it’s hard to get ranked, here is The ultimate guide for website keyword finder, make sure to check in detail.

Improve page visit speed

Google has officially confirmed that page speed is an important factor in ranking which is included in the ranking algorithm. fast site loading time offers users a good experience and reduces the site bounce rate. Important data show that 40% of visitors will abandon a website page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, and a 1-second delay in page response will reduce 7% conversions. Luckily we have free tools to test our site speed.

How to test the page speed

  • Enter PageSpeed Insight, PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster, but it doesn’t measure a site’s actual loading get a more accurate measure of how your site loads to real-life users.
  • Check out GTMETRIX, site, Gtmetrix will show you data on how your page actually loads to real-life users which is a much more accurate measurement of how your site speed stacks up.
  • Pingdom is also a site speed tool, site, Pingdom offers cost-effective and reliable uptime and performance monitoring for your website. you can monitor your website’s uptime, performance, and interactions for a better end-user-experience.

When after monitoring the site speed, you need to optimize your site speed.

Three tips to optimize your site speed.

#1 Invest in premium fast like Wealthy Affiliate web hosting, web synthesis, liquid web

#2 Compress and optimize images with EWWW Image Optimizer plugins, it can help to reduce file size and improve site loading speed.

#3 Use a CDN, CDN deliver your site’s content closer to where your user lives which makes your site load much faster with its time.

Make your blog be mobile friendly

There is research showing that 27% of users will abandon your website if it is not mobile-optimized. Do note that Google owns 65% of the Search Engine traffic, and 95% of the traffic is mobile searches. today mobile-friendliness has already one of the biggest ranking signals, and Google continues to improve the mobile search results, so testing and optimizing your website with mobile-friendly become more and more significant. fortunately, there are some free tools to test the website blog status mobile:

  2. Varvy

If your website is not mobile-friendly, and you will need to fix it as soon as possible, the responsible design is probably the simplest solution that Google recommends, if you are using the WordPress platform, the best way is to select the responsive theme and follow their instruction.


3. Target To The Right Audience

Why need a target audience?

Identifying your target audience is important because it is easy to communicate with an audience that is interested in your business and it is a high conversion rate with quality traffic to your website.

I suggest you analyze all your traffic sources on your website with Google analytics. The best source of information on your target audience comes from an analysis of user behavior visits on your site and the data of followers on your social media, like Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, and Twitter ads. You can also spy on your competitors’ website sources by using Similarweb, and analyze where their traffic comes from, you can also get the same traffic as them.

How to find the target audience?

Create content that is relevant and valuable to your target audience, look for the problem that your target audience suffers from, and offer them the best solution, always with a perspective of helping them. You can find this question that your target audience is concerned about and look for answers from there.

Question and Answer platforms, like Quora, Reddit, Yahoo Answer, Answer the Public, Anybody Out There, WikiAnswers, Askville, etc. Based on the question of your target audience, you will win tons of valuable quality traffic, check this article about How to increase traffic on a website with Quora.

You also create a target audience with social media that has the same interest in the group, search some relative keywords in the social media group, share some information they are interested in, answer their question problem with help, identify a problem your audience may be facing, and then demonstrate how your product solves that problem. then you will establish your industry authority subsequently.


4. Submit Your Article to Online Guest Posting Sites

Benefits to submitting an article to an authority website

As a new site, getting traffic from organic will take lots of time and effort. Contributing to high-quality guest posts on authority, or relative niche blogs and websites proves to be a good way, to get more free traffic for your blog.

Submitting an article on an authority website, which also means guest blogging, can not only drive more target traffic, those who are ready to buy from you, but it also increases the ranking in search engines.

How to check a submit website authority?

Before starting guest blogging, you should do some research if the authority worth you to submit your original article, creating a high-quality is not an easy thing to take by minutes but lots of energy, so don’t waste your time on that blogger’s audience don’t care of your articles. Check whether the blogging sites are fit for your blog:

  • Have a huge authority traffic
  • Relative to your Niche market
  • Whether they post high-quality content
  • Have a large number of social media followers
  • Bring your target visitors within your industry
  • Offer you’re a high-quality backlink to your blog

Here are some guest posting site lists which are high-quality blogs that will bring you potential traffic, you can check and research whether they are worth contributing to your content and pitch.


5. Leverage Guest posts To Get More Traffic For Your Blog

What is guest posting

Guest posting or guest blogging is simply said you writing a blog post for an authority website, and borrowing their authority to increase your weight on the domain, a great way to take advantage of their valuable traffic that had establish a large amount of audience to visit your website, no matter of how epic your content is, it will make no sense if there is no reader.

Guest posting helps you to build more high-quality backlinks from different website blogs to improve your SEO, it is also a bridge to build relationships and reputations with other influential bloggers.

As a new website blog, it is a little hard to pitch a guest post on an authority blogging, however, there are still many approaches to get the guest blogger’s notice. Write an awesome guest post, include helpful resource sections throughout the post

Technology guest post

You can follow their Twitter, and share their post on your Twitter feed, follow their other social media and share content post content.

You can also add informative and helpful comments below their post, and interact with their audiences, let them know that you are not spam, but an industry authority, and expert with professional and unique opinions, and suggestions basic on their topic, you will subsequently build trust, and become thought leader among them, become active to get more exposure with your blogging thought comment system.

You can sign up for their newsletter to get an email list, reply and email to them with your guest post, but this will not build a relationship to some degree, and how to do that? an effective method is to ask a question to the authority blogging experts and gather their answers to a blog post, then send a guest post to them to pitch. this is a great way to establish trust, then establish a relationship with an authority blogger, and if you succeed to pitch a guest post, you will subsequently get more traffic for your blog with this approach.


Why Need Click To Tweet Link?

Use click to tweet link, find something tweetable in your content, create a click to tweet link, and head over to Twitter is a powerful social media and instant update platform for virus spread, if you can effectively use it, it can help you to get tons of target traffic every month.

People are always easy to copy your link and share it on their social media when after they read your awesome post if you have an amazing sentence that you think is worth your reader sharing on Twitter, you need to make the sharing process simple and super easy to share for them.

You will notice that large authority blogs with a large amount of traffic use click-to-link within a small anchor text embedded in their content. it can trigger instant Twitter-specific quotes by simply clicking the awesome-looking tweetable quote box, this easy click to tweet box may help you to get tons of Twitter traffic for free and go virus.



7. Publish List Posts To Get More Traffic For Your Blog

Why add a content posts list?

Adding a listing of relative posts within the content can increase more clicks on an internal link, now that users have clicked on your website and checked your post, don’t just let them run away only glance over one page, you should figure out to get more average session duration and reduce bounce rate。

So the best way is to build more list posts with a compelling headline to attract more clicks, and help to improve the authority of another internal link, then improve the overall ranking of the rank to get more traffic.

Example content post list as below

Take, for example, if you right post about affiliate marketing, you should contain lists of content about affiliate marketing relative as below:

  • affiliate marketing amazon
  • how to start affiliate marketing
  • affiliate marketing definition
  • how to create an affiliate marketing website
  • affiliate marketing tips and tricks
  • affiliate marketing tools free
  • affiliate marketing on Blogspot
  • top paying affiliate programs
  • Clickbank affiliate marketing
  • average amazon affiliate earnings
  • is online marketing legit

This list of the content post will increase the click-through rate of your website page which is an important ranking factor for SEO.


8. Publish Long Content To Get More Traffic For Your Blog

Long does it take rank google

According to the research of authoritative SEO expert who has been blogging for many years and got a high ranking for their website, based on their experience to prove that longer form of blogging content with depth writing get a better ranking than a shorter one.

Longer content is actually longer than 2,000 words. In one million Google search results, longer content significantly outperformed a short blog post. The average first-page results in Google boasted 1890 words.

how long does it take to rank on google?

So when you first start with your blogging content, if you want to get a better ranking in Search Engines, you’d better write longer content, after all, quality always beats quantities. In another study from serpIQ, with about 20,000 different keywords, the average length of the top 10 ranking page of content is around 2050 words.

It is very obvious that Google and other search engines like longer depth of content, wring longer form of content come up with many advantages for overall SEO ranking, you can add more internal links to create more content to get more traffic.


9. Leverage Dirty Tips To Write Killer Headlines

Why Hight Click-Through Rate Get More Traffic For Your Blog

Headlines are the first impression of your content demonstrate, they account for 50% of your article’s effectiveness. When users type keywords in the search engine box, thousand of search results come up in people’s eyes, how can you make your content stand out from so many competitors and get a higher click-through rate? So optimizing the title tag for a higher click-through rate is critical.

Click-through rate is also an important factor for search rankings, if your content gets a high impression with a specific keyword, but gets a low click-through rate, the most possibility is that headline is not attractive enough for user’s click, and they will run to another competitor’s website. There are some tips to write a killer headline for a high click-through rate.


Tips to increase click-through rate

#1 Include numbers in your title, numbers grab attention, a headline with numbers gets 36% more clicks than a headline without numbers.

#2 Add brackets and parentheses to your title, millions of headlines with brackets and parentheses boosted CTR by an average of 38% percent。

#3 Use headlines with the principle which will inspire readers to click for what can they get from your content?

most of the high-frequency use words like:

  • Reasons
  • Ways
  • Facts
  • Tips
  • Strategies
  • Tricks
  • Secrets
  • Ideas
  • Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Step by step
  • 101
  • The ultimate
  • The pros and Cons
  • Comparison VS

Your headline should spark emotion

  • How-to
  • You Need to know
  • Prove to be
  • The truth about
  • Simply
  • Powerful
  • Why
  • Call to action+keyword

Add Superlative Adjective

  • Best
  • Top
  • Biggest
  • Most
  • Easiest
  • Strongest
  • Completely
  • Free
  • The only
  • Never
  • Worst

Headline with a question to solve the pain point of users

  • How to
  • How can I
  • What is
  • Why
  • Which
  • Where
  • Can I
  • Is it
  • Are there
  • Should I
  • Do I

Use Multimedia In Your Content

Only relying on textual content is not enough to read your blog, images and videos are more eye-catching for click. Adding a video on a landing page increase a conversion rate by 80%. It is easier to display and understand for the user with images and videos. Convert one of your articles into another format, such as an ebook, Slideshare, video, infographic, or podcast.

People spend average time consuming on media continues to increase year after year. There are 2 million active Youtube users searching for content every month which indicates that video marketing occupies the most important search position, for the total number of internet users in the world is 4.4 million, which means Youtube users account for half of the internet users. More and more enterprise expand their brand with videos on their website.

Use different styles of content forms to get more traffic for your blog

  • Using graphs, charts and diagrams can help users to get a clear picture of your research findings and more intuitive to understand, it is time-saving to view your content. The human being is a visual being, all of us are attracted by beauty. Their data indicate that 54% of users want to read content with images and videos.
  • That is why we found that more and more social media with visual content get a high click on visual content, especially with video content. Images platform like Pinterest and Instagram gets a huge amount of increased users every month and become major social media and search engines.
  • Buzzsumo did their own study into what makes content go viral, and they discovered that infographics get an average of 2.3 times more shares than other content formats. so it is a good chance to get more traffic from visual content.


10. Leverage Slideshare To Get More Traffic For Your Blog

Slideshare is a well-known social media platform where you can share what you know and love through presentations, infographics, and documents. You can use PowerPoint to create videos and share them with your target visitors, it is an effective content marketing form to attract users who can’t stop watching, Leverage Slideshare’s website feature helps you to grow your business and get tons of target audiences with low competition.

How to get more traffic with Slideshare for your blog?

Slideshare is a high authority website that ranks high in Google, you can leverage this advantage to get your content to rank well in Google. Use the long tail keyword in your presentation to create content with a value that people are interested in, edit the title and description with longtail keyword-rich, and add tags with a keyword, it is easier to beat your competition and get a better rank.

  • Create a landing page for your visitors from Slideshare.
  • Create a signup list for visitors from Slideshare
  • Embedded your Slideshare presentation in your content blog
  • Embedded your Slideshare presentation in a guest post
  • Share your Slideshare presentation on LinkedIn
  • Share your Slideshare presentation on Twitter
  • Share your Slideshare presentation on Pinterest
  • Share your Slideshare presentation on the Facebook page
  • Create a call to action link to your website blog at the beginning of your Slideshare presentation
  • Create a call to action to follow all of your social media at the end of your Slideshare presentation


11. Get More Traffic For Your Blog from Content Transformation

Create blog content with diversity

Content diversity can get more traffic from different forms of the channel. You can write a blog content with keywords in the form of text with images, charts, diagrams, graphs, and videos, and then transform the blog post into and PDF file of Ebook to share with your email subscribers, or share on guest posts,.

Transform into a PowerPoint file to share in Slideshare, or transform into a video to promote on Youtube or Vimeo. transform it into an infographic or podcast, you will reach different channels of the target audience to get more traffic for your blog.

How to make a blog content generator

Don’t just limit yourself to blogs, people tend to love more visual content on different platforms, blog posts embedded with videos will get more weights on authority to get a better rank with the same keyword and offer a presentation with a long-tail keyword on high authority website like Slideshare also get a better high ranking then single post text content on your blog.

Convert the video content into text content, or record the content of the PDF document into a video explanation, and then link to the blog link from the video marketing, summarize the useful points of others and expand the article in detail, and get expert explanations from some professional forums. Write your own unique content.

So if you want to get more diversified traffic from a different platform, it is an effective way to create content with diversity by doing the content transformation.


12. Get more traffic For Your Blog from Podcast

What is a Podcast? Explanation in Wikipedia about a podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files that a user can download to listen to, it is commonly described as on-demand internet radio, a simple explanation is around a podcast refers to your CDs and audio files. Many people depend today on their cell phones to take a look at what is going on in the world at this moment.
Also, many people are interested to learn a new skill, a new language, or solving a problem while they go from one place to the other, this is why podcasts will get many followers. How do you get found in your podcast?

#1. Use keyword in the title

#2. Use keywords in the description

Do some research into forums, and what kind of related keywords people are typing in. Leverage answers the public to find that people are typing related to your particular topic, and leverage the blog post comments to find what your target audience requests to solve their problem.

#3. Leverage Thumbnail

On youtube, people will check the thumbnails, if it captures people’s attention, which is why so much of the work that is put into

a great video is actually what lives on that thumbnail.

#4. Utilize your own website

A lot of websites don’t actually do a great job of sharing the other kinds of media that they have beyond their blog content.

if you have a podcast you also have a responsibility to let people know on your website that you have a podcast. if they join your email list,

let them visit your podcast channel. on the sidebar of your website or at the bottom of your blog post, you need to promote your podcast too, they like your content, so give them another way to what you can offer them.

#5. Utilize other audience that already exists

Get some audience from influences who have already earned the trust of these audiences. get a relationship and connection with them. Offer value for exposure to this audience in your podcast.


13. Leverage Relative Social Media Group

What is a social media marketing

Social media marketing would give you the opportunity to take advantage of social media platforms to advertise your content to a high target audience, it would help more people learn about your book to increase the interaction with the audience.

There are a specific group of people who have the same interest, the same hobbies, or passion to join in some particular topic in the social media group, it is an effective way to work with group owners to get tons of blog traffic if you can implement well.

Meaning, that you will discover thousands of target audiences on social media groups like Facebook group, Linked group, Pinterest group, and Reddit group. etc.

Two marketing social media tips you need to note

One important principle you need to obey is the group rule that the owners make, don’t send spam just want to promote your link, nobody will be tolerant with a large number of valueless links in any group, you should keep active to help the group members with value, try to solve the problem they suffer.

Interact with them in a positive response when more and more group members discover your value, they will properly want to check your profile and visit your blog links to know about who are you, and what is your business, then finally successful to get more traffic for your blog from social media group.


14. Take Full Advantage Of Email Marketing

Even though some email spammers said that there is no sense to send email bombing, but there is still significant to get more traffic from Email marketing because Email is still the main official written communication for business, and people will check their primary email if he takes care of their business via Email, and mainly of them will own their email for communication. What we should do is take full advantage of Email marketing in the right way, but not make Email abuse.

Best email marketing tips to collect subscribers

  • Create a landing page with value to subscribers
  • Offer Coupon or big discounts for purchasing products
  • Offer Bonus
  • Offer useful Ebook or software to download
  • Offer free guides or tutorial lessons
  • Offer free giveaway
  • Run for a gift with the campaign
  • Offer relative specific service that the target audience ask for

Best email marketing tips to get more traffic for your blog

Once you can collect their email in the right effective way, and send a particular email base on the interest or requirement of the target audience, you will effectively increase the Email delivery rate and reduce the bounce rate, there is a bigger chance to open your Email for target audience plus with an attractive headline in the Email subject.

One more important tip to get more traffic for your blog with Email marketing is to leverage the Email signature, you should add your website blog link and relative social media icon, offering some bonus to click your blog links and follow your social media account.


15. Post Content Directory On LinkedIn Platform

How to start with Linkedin marketing tips

LinkedIn is not only a career platform for jobs, but it is also more of a business social to build your network with businessmen from all walks of life. It has owned 600 million+ members since its foundation up now, the member on LinkedIn are active for business if you can leverage this powerful platform, it is easy to get tons of target traffic for your blog.

When you want to develop your business and want to post your content on LinkedIn, you need complete your LinkedIn profile to get more views for your posts, how to create a good LinkedIn profile to get more views for your content is a specific technique you need to know, or you will be submerged by a large number of contents no matter what you can offer, your content will not reach to such more target audiences.

Tips to send posts on Linkedin

LinkedIn likes to reward post content write directory on the LinkedIn platform, so you should write your high-quality content directly post on it, take, for example, to upload an image with a text post, or upload your video directory which backlink to your blog, but not to share your post link from your blog or share a video link from your channel or another influence channel that link to your website. That is why LinkedIn encourages more content creators to post on its own platform to get more traffic and views.


16. Leverage Youtube comments to get more traffic for your blog

When you search for the relative keyword on Youtube, you will come across a large number of relative videos from your competitor’s channel, you will find thousands of target audiences already exist who had built trust and interaction with your competitors and leave comments below their video.

You should leverage this advantage to interact with them, offer them value to communicate with them, listen to their voice, opinions, and ideas, then create another information post base on the target audience’s thinking and share with them, you will gradual steal the audience from your competitors and set up your website authority to get more traffic for your blog.



17. Post The Best Times On Each Network

If your target audience is in different areas of different countries from all over the world, you should take more attention to their active time on each network, you need to post content at the best times on each social network to get more followers if you are posting at a time that they are sleeping or busy doing another thing, no matter how good the content is will be drowned out. That is the best posting time from experience export that works well with this social media.

Facebook: 7AM, 12PM, 5PM

Pinterest: 2PM, 9PM, 2AM

Instagram: 9AM, 5PM, 2AM,

Google+: 9AM, 11AM, 1PM


18. Get More Traffic For Your Blog From Forums

You can search many relative forums with your target keyword+forums, forums is also the same as social media, there is a specific group of people who join in with the same interest and passion, you should try not to send spam links but work well with the owners of the forum and get along well with the forum members, always put yourself in other people’s shoes to help people with value, only by this can you build your own professional authority in the industry


19. Get More Traffic For Your Blog From Reddit

Why Reddit can get more traffic for your blog

Reddit is also an authoritative question and answer platform like Quora, there are 20 million active unique visitors per month and 150 million page views. Its global Alexa ranking is 30, and it is highly authoritative with its strict rule to prevent spam on that platform, so it is useful and valuable to get more target audiences with real people on that website.

Tips to get more traffic for your blog from Reddit are below.

  • Participate in the Reddit community and activities to interact with people in a positive way
  • Join in as many as relevant subreddits/communities that are sections of Reddit to create posts and comments.
  • Look for subreddits/communities that are relevant to your Niche market
  • Make sure that the subreddits/communities have a huge amount of members ideally more than 5,000
  • Join in the subreddits/communities posts with more upvotes and comments to get more interactions
  • Select the posts that post in recently
  • Leverage the sidebar recommends subreddits and discover more relative subreddits to join in the comments
  • Don’t just promote links to your website but add in the relative discussion naturally
  • Don’t present you are obvious only marketing but to be a normal Reddit member
  • Always offer positive comments and answers to interact with subreddits members with helpful info


If you can implement your Reddit strategies following the above rules, you will become trusted be noticed by subreddits owners, continues to get more upvotes from subreddit members with your comments and answers, and your comments will get on top of the subreddits and get more traffic for your blog website subsequently.


20. Get More Traffic From Pinterest

Why Pinterest is important to get more traffic for your blog?

Pinterest has highly authoritative in Google search engines, it is not only and popular social network and it has become an important search engine for images. growing is fast with 250 million monthly users. Pinterest is important for blog content ideas, and it has a keyword weight in Google and other search engines, you can get a high ranking with a keyword phase image alt tag.

Pinterest is not a platform for only women and beauty lovers, many people search on Pinterest with a high purpose on the purchase, they are the target audience that will bring you a large amount of organic traffic for your blog if you can effectively implement the platform well.

Tips help you to get more traffic for your blog from Pinterest

  • Create a Pinterest business account and complete your profile
  • Claim your website with a Pinterest account
  • Create pins with keyword titles and keyword description
  • Create boards with keywords and hashtags in the description
  • Use keyword hashtags to drive search traffic on pins
  • Leverage navigations for keyword research and create a relevant blog post to link to the pins
  • Leverage Tailwind to schedule pins at a specific time to post
  • Follow more relative Pinterest accounts in your industry
  • Save your pins or other pins to your boards or other boards that you join
  • Active to comment on other pins and interact with the target audience
  • Join in relative board groups to become board managers and add pins and sessions
  • Share pins to other social media
  • Post-high-quality content
  • Create rich pins
  • Leverage the Pinterest ads system to dig more keywords to create more relative blog posts and pins
  • Create Pins with Adobe Photoshop or Canva


Pinterest is already an important search tool for more and more people, Pinterest had 433 million monthly active users in April 2022,(a) placing it 15th in our ranking of the world’s most ‘active’ social media platforms.

If you don’t leverage the power traffic from Pinterest, you will miss many customers, here are 13 hack secrets to get more followers on Pinterest, Please make sure you read it carefully, this article will drive your website traffic in an amazing increase.


21. Get More Traffic To Your Blog With Short Video

You may not notice that big successful businesses with large traffic on their website did also have many social media followers, no matter whether they get the followers free or traffic, when you open their social media, you will find that most of their posts get lots of likes and comments.

If you keep it under observation, you will find that they use lots of views from short videos on their social media like Facebook or Instagram. The long video will take much time to spend, but the short video will capture people’s attention to click and understand your brand in their spare time.

Users may watch the short video during their waiting and appointment, they’re waiting for a bus or train, or dads & moms take their kids home after class.

Videos on Facebook fan pages take a high click-through rate than posts with only text or images. Based on this point, you tend to get more traffic links to your blog post links.




There are many ways to get traffic for your website blogs depending on how can you implement the platform and methods well. Following the above traffic source steps, No matter whether you are just a startup for an online business or an already a successful website blogger, all of your goals is to get more traffic for your blog, hope this guide on how to get more traffic for your blog, if you have more ideas or suggestions on more traffic source, please leave us to comment below, thanks for reading.

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