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15 hack tips to increase eBay sales you must grasp

Are you struggling to increase eBay sales helplessly? Get hold of eBay’s search algorithm with 15 hack tips to boost your sales quickly.

#1 Selecting the Niche product on eBay

Unless you are selling unique products that other competitors don’t have, you will encounter a huge of competition. So selecting a Niche product to stand out from your competitors is significant and critical. What is a niche market definition?

A niche is a distinct segment of the market where needs are not being addressed or are addressed poorly. It is aimed at a specific group of people with special demand with not so competitive, if you can grasp this audience and offer solution products for their request, you will lead the niche market and win more sales in this area.

Before running your eBay store, do you need to do market research on how to find a niche product? and how to find the best-selling products on eBay? There are many tools for you to find a niche product before running.

Use Jaaxy keyword tool for eBay niche research

Jaaxy keyword tool is a powerful Niche keyword research tool for website blogging optimization which is found by the same owner of Wealthy Affiliate Mr. Kyle. If you are writing a blog post to promote your eBay store, it is the best market research tool to discover the niche products, and help your blog post get ranked in Google and other search engines.

You can leverage Jaaxy to brainstorm website content, and do research on whether a niche market is profitable or not. Although it is not a direct eBay keyword tool, it can help you to do niche keyword research is mainly from search engines like Google, since Google is the largest search engine that owns 70% of the search engine traffic, you can get a lead market for your niche if you can discover the untapped market.

There are many ways to promote your eBay listing products, but the most effective ways are to drive more target traffic with organic search to discover your post and then convert it into a sale. In other words, it is promoted by eBay partner affiliates through their niche blog. If you also have your own brand website to promote eBay listing, the Jaaxy keyword tool will be your best selection to do niche product keyword research, check this article the ultimate guide for website keyword finder helping you to find your target niche keyword and boost conversion rate for your eBay listing.

Use eBay explore to discover niche, you can use eBay’s free Explorer tool to quickly identify trends and find products. that lots of people are buying or following on eBay. How to use eBay explore to find trends and bargains on eBay?

Click, it will show you items that are currently trending on eBay within any Niche and category. Click the trending product picture, it will show you why it’s trending how it’s trending, and it will also show the most sold items in the last seven days relative to the trends. It will be useful if you try to find trends that are hot on eBay.


Use export.eBay to search for popular items

Another useful link on exploring eBay to discover the trending deals are hot sale, you can type any keyword in your niche, and it’ll show you the sales prices of the items and quantities sold. you can scroll down to check the completed sales matching items that are selling well, check the head title what is it, and its selling record and feedback.

Another explore eBay search box is Best Seller eBay, it will show you the most sold items in the last seven days by selecting the categories you want to sell. You will find their sales records and get lots of hot sell products on eBay.

Use Google Search Operators & Command to find eBay hot sale

using this technology to dig up the best products on eBay for you to sell. Type keyword in Google search box with keyword footprints to find this hot item, start an exact search with quote keyword that is targeted for wedding crown and want it to be “sold in last 24 hours” wrap with quotes, inurl, you will find the hot sale item in last 24 hours.


Use eBay Keyword Sniper Pro for niche finder

eBay Keyword Sniper Pro, is an eBay SEO keyword software that can help you stand out from your competitors and help you to find the hot items on eBay. It can help you to rank your eBay listing to the top of eBay search results & completely destroy your competition.

This powerful software also helps you easily find hot items by searching for keywords. discover the main metric of sold in the last 24 hours and the views per hour and recently sold records to compete with your competitors.

There is also a filtering function that helps you quickly to discover the hot items to sell by using the combination of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines all in one shot to quickly extract all the valuable data for yourself. Then click the filtering product URL, and check the title keyword of the items.

This powerful tool not only helps you to quickly find the hot items on eBay, but is also a great eBay keyword tool for listing optimization, and a good tool to analyze your competition, It is free to download this software and have a free trial for 14 days. The price is reasonable at only $39.9, most important it is only a one-time cost. Then you can get the following favor:

  • Learn powerful SEO techniques to increase your sale
  • Free video and Ebook training
  • Rank to the top eBay search results to increase your listing views
  • Learn how to spy on your competitors
  • Learn how to dropship and connect with suppliers

Research eBay best selling with Terapeak

Research recent eBay trends and real sales data for millions of items with Terapeak, it is a great insight tool for eBay sellers, you can use it to optimize your product listing, find the best keyword, find a hot sell item, determine the best price for your product, analyze the market data, competition, and increase your sales on eBay. It can tell you what kind of products are driving sales. There are $12 per month for the annual plan or $19.99 per month with no commitment.

#2 Optimize Your eBay Listing With Title Keyword

Search eBay keyword in the search bar

You can grow your business in your eBay store, the first step is to let your customers search and find your shop and what you can supply for them. The best option is to improve your eBay SEO, it is key to getting visibility for free, more buyers find your items when they are looking for the right target keyword you list in your title.

To improve your eBay SEO, the most important tip is you should know how your target customers search for, and what kind of keyword they would type for? Since the product titles only enable 80 characters, and each character is valuable information to let your items be visible, you should make good use of them.

So you have as many words as possible that are related to words that people are searching for, that is title optimization. But it’s not just filling it with words that people are searching for because you’ll find some top-selling items, there are 20 of them from different sellers have the exact same title.

It’s mostly what people are searching for but also you want to have titles that stand out from your competition. So it’s not as simple as just having search engine optimization, because if you have the exact same SEO title as everybody else, someone who has a unique title will stand out and get sales, so titles are the number one factor to get ranked from search in eBay.


Optimized the eBay keyword with the Advanced search box

When you type a keyword in the eBay search box, there is a list of hot keywords auto popup search by most customers, we can leverage the alphabet soup technology to search for a huge amount of relative hot keywords by typing keyword plus from a to z, then copy one by one to your excel file. After collecting lots of keywords, then the next step is to get competitive.

How to get the competition is the key step to getting more exposure for your list title when you get the hot keyword, one tip is to leverage the eBay advanced search.

Type your keyword in the advanced search box, select an exact word, exact order, and click search including title and description, then you will get the exact search result for the exact keyword, mark them in your excel file.

if a search result is larger than 200, it may be a large competition, less than 150-200, it may be a minimum competition, less than 50, it is a great keyword for your title to get eBay to search rank


Type in the eBay title with keywords using full of 80 characters

Use this keyword naturally in your listing title, and use all of the 80 available characters wisely, but note not to use special characters or promotion words like “wow” or “look”, it doesn’t make any sense, you write titles for your potential buyers, so it should read clear and smooth, you can write synonyms for but avoid keyword spamming.

Another way to search competitive keywords quickly for listing is to use software with eBay keyword sniper pro. it will help you beat your eBay competition and put you on the FIRST PAGE OF eBay search results for all of your listings, you can easily get the exact keyword to optimize your listing.

It is time-consuming to search the keyword and competition in the eBay search box manually, a much better way is to use eBay keyword sniper pro to collect all of the keywords like the above auto appear in the search box.

It will cut your workload, Just type a relative keyword in the search box, it will auto collect all the keywords quickly with competition in a few

#3 Add Keyword to Your Product Description

eBay Suggest wring 200 characters to your product description, you should write impact content that is related to your product, including some attributes like size, color, material, purpose, item type, features, specifications, style, dimensions, and the value for buyers, etc.

Describe the best in detail as much as possible for your items to attract buyers. Your most important keyword in the description should be 5%-7% density, not to use overflow. Don’t use hidden text. Lead with a sentence with the most relevant keyword and read naturally.

#4 Include Unique Identifiers

You can make sure your listings are found by search engines to include unique identifiers,  like universal product codes ( UPCs), Manufacturers’ Part Number (MPCs), European Article Numbers(EANs), and International Standard Book Numbers(ISBNs).

Item specifics

eBay’s advanced search provides users with the ability to filter their results, such as brand, conditions, buying format, and application, but if users filter the results with checkboxes, your listing will be excluded, but this may be an exact search with target customer to increase conversion rate.

#5 Optimize Your eBay Listing With Image Alt Tags

Images are everything to people and especially on eBay people shop right by they search for something. They look at the photos if the photos bring attention, they like to look at what the photo is, then they look at the title if they like that then they click to look at the description.

So at first but basically the priority is the title and photos, those are the things that people that will draw people into your listing. So if you can find ways to one is to catch as much attention as possible while the two things also stand out from your competition, that kind of the trick to using titles and photos to get more sales.

Be sure to add the images alt tag the keyword accompany with title and description keyword and phrases. eBay allows every listing to upload 12 images, you should seize the opportunity to optimize the images,.

Upload at least 8 images, take professional images as clear as possible at every angles to show on for buyers, and add image alt to help search engines find your product images fast.

Listings with better photo quality are 5% more likely to sell. eBay requires a minimum of 500 pixels for an image’s longest side, the bigger the better, but not longer than 1600 pixels. Selling products with eye-catching images is significant to get more clicks and increase sales conversion factors.

No text or artwork, like “Free Shipping” or seller logos, may be added to photos. Use the title, subtitle, and description box to include details of your item.

#6 Offer reasonable price and shipping cost

You should do more research on your competitor that is selling well and what is the best price for selling the items, some buyers may don’t like too cheap products, they thought you get what you paid.

But if your price is too high, they may leave your listing and compare for more sellers, so a reasonable price for the item is the most important factor to increasing sales, you should research and research again to trade-off.

Shipping cost is also an important factor to increase sales, more customers tend to buy free shipping products, they don’t want to consider the shipping cost to add together, and you will be excluded with search filtering free shipping.

If your items are not free shipping. plus if the international shipping cost is higher than the products themselves, customers may give up to order. So free shipping will play to your advantage, it is worth offering this free service to increase exposure and sales without affecting profits.

#6 Fast shipping and Free Logo

This is a direct effect that is going to increase the number of sales, you can have this fast and free stamp if you show a handling time of at least one or two business days plus your shipping time, basically, the listing has to the item be delivered within four business days.

Note that if your handing time is too short and you can not guarantee in one day or two, you shouldn’t offer, it will affect your eBay account rating. When customers search for fasting shipping and a free logo, that is a good chance to improve the click of your listing. The shipping speed will affect sales because people will buy items because they know that you are going to ship them faster.

In addition, Item location is another factor that will increase sales because it is another factor that will directory affect fast shipping when people see that your item location is very far away from their location, they may cancel the order considering the slow delivery to them.

#8 Improve Your Seller Account Rating And Feedback

Seller’s rating and feedback and directory affect the rank position of your eBay account. eBay will rank the sellers on top with the most positive rating and feedback, and more customers would likely buy items with good feedback and more views.

The best way to get a positive rating and feedback is to offer the best quality products, good after-sale service, fast shipping, and quick response to customers’ requests when they suffer problems at any time with your products. It builds trust and authority which leads to conversions.

Be polite and be professional, people appreciate that. your answer is informative. Write complete answers and provide additional information that they need, it is a good way to gain word of mouth and good customer feedback.

Strive for top-rated seller status.  This gives you an automatic bump higher in eBay search.  Bad feedback hurts all your listings in an eBay search.

#9 Set A Competitive Returns Policy

Make Returns policies that meet buyers’ expectations. If you can offer a free return service, you will get priority ranking in eBay search engines. There are five return policy options to help buyers’ return experience for you to choose:

  • No returns accepted
  • 30-day buyer-paid returns
  • 30-day free returns
  • 60-day buyer-paid returns
  • 60-day free returns

If you can improve the return policy that can give you up to a 25% conversion rate with different return strategies.


#10 Manage your promotions with eBay

Creating and managing promotions on eBay enables sellers to offer relevant promotions and sales events, increase traffic and build brand loyalty. Create customized discounts and coupons to incentivize buyers to visit your store. use promotion listing to create effective ad placement in a good position for more visibility and watchers.

#11 Review Your eBay sales reports

Your reports contain valuable information for tracking your performance and understanding your business. Go to my eBay to view your sales and traffic reports.

#12 Take Advantage Of Your Social Media

Millions of people use social media to share images, information, and all passion they love every day.  You should leverage these tools to increase your eBay sales. Sure this may need some strategies since this age is full of infinite information, people hate sales pitches. All you need to do is to offer a more informative solution to interact with audiences and attract more and more followers to increase sales.

Instagram and Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter are popular social media that you leverage to promote your eBay product if you can properly use them. You can share eye-catching product images or product showcases in the video to attract followers. Remember not just to share sale intention or sales pitch spam to let followers keep away from you but to share the nonsale relative post.

According to digital marketing agency Omnicore, 32% of all internet users (your buyers) are on Instagram. Includes 25 million business users. The most important step is how to get more target followers on Instagram to increase your eBay sales, and how to get more traffic from Pinterest.

#13 Take Advantage Of Organic Traffic From Website Blog

Build a Niche website for eBay to boost sale

If you are newbies and haven’t had your own website, don’t worry, building a website is not an as difficult thing as ten years ago, you don’t need to worry about the coding technique, there is a powerful website building platform called Siterubix teaching your step by step on how to create a WordPress website for freeSiteRubix is powered by which provides you with training, support, and tools to turn your creation into something truly valuable.

The Wealthy Affiliate community provides you with website support, coaching, and help. If you’ve ever tried building a website elsewhere. They don’t only teach you how to build your website, but also teach you how to drive more organic traffic for your website. Check this article on How to get more traffic for your blog-21 Tips and Tricks. It is a comprehensive community for people who would like to develop their online business. It is free to join in.

Wealthy Affiliate community will teach you how to build your blog website, how to do keyword research for your content, and how to rank top rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. How to get more traffic with organic search and social media, is a comprehensive community full of help for your online business. It is a legit company without any scam, check its feedback here The honest wealthy affiliate reviews 2019. If can you get tons of target traffic from organic, there is no worry about increasing sales on your eBay store.

Optimized the website traffic with SEO for eBay sales

The most stable and long-term traffic is getting organic traffic with SEO. Most people search for their request or problem with a long-tail keyword to come on your website. If you are writing high-quality relative content to drive more target traffic, it is a high rate to convert into a sale.

Provide potential buyers with opinions and insight on topics you’re an authority on by writing product guides or use purpose, not only will this guide or problem solution will increase your article in search engines, but help to share more on social media, which help to get more engagement and improve your brand awareness.

If you have a basic understanding of SEO( search engine optimization),  you will be better to understand eBay search SEO, and better optimize your eBay listing to get a high rank on eBay position and get more sales.

#14 Use Email Marketing

eBay offers a suite of email marketing features that help to keep customers interested in your product after their first purchase. Buyers can subscribe to receive your updated product listing or pricing offer if they add your store to their saved seller list.

Or offering more free give-away of a gift cards to attract more buyers to sign up on the home page of your store. Using Ebay’s email design tools to create personalized newsletters to promote your latest listing or sales promotion, is a better way to attract more subscribers to sign up email.

#15 Create a Powerful Landing Page

A landing page can have a significant influence on the buyers’ shopping experience, the overall design of your landing page should be appealing to customers and information must be visually visible to people in an orderly format. You should create a fantastic, create separate, distinct landing page to click for purchase because landing pages are important to lead to conversion. Test for insight on which eBay page works well for conversion.


Running an eBay store is not easy to succeed for beginners, you need to learn more about the algorithm of the eBay search engine to optimize your listing, but this is the only and most important factor affecting how to increase eBay sales. You need to consider comprehensive elements like the above list to make more eBay sales strategies and tips to increase your sales.

You must understand the eBay ranking factors and how to get your products on the first page of search results. eBay is looking for three main things to get the listing rank when it meets the three conditions.

  1. Keyword in listing’s title (front of the title, exact order, etc)

2. Customers’ engagement (past sales, watchers)

3. Top Rate Sale.

There isn’t a single method to increase sales on eBay, you will have to use several techniques to make your eBay listings rank top on eBay search engines. Such as writing a competitive keyword title, providing a clear detailed description with keywords relative to your product, using the correct category, offering clear images, providing free shipping, replying to queries quickly, trying to get positive feedback from buyers, and keeping marketing on your eBay store, etc. Hope these tips on How to increase eBay sales can help you become an eBay expert. All these methods will certainly increase the sales of your eBay products.

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