How to increase traffic on a website with Quora

No matter what kind of content marketing, the ultimate goal is to get target traffic for revenue for a website, The most important factor that every blogger concern about is traffic data, it will make no sense without traffic for a website. There are many ways to increase traffic on a website for free except through Organic Search Engines, Social Medial traffic, Email marketing traffic. Today, I am going to uncover the secret on how to increase traffic on a website with Quora.

What is Quora

Quora is an American question and answer platform is Social network to share and grow the world’s knowledge. Don’t consider Quora as a link building tool, but consider Quora as a social network for the particular purpose of sharing knowledge.

Founded in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo, the former CTO of Facebook, CEO, and co-founder of Quora. It is the Silicon Valley company that has more than 300 million monthly unique visitors in six languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese, there are millions of question and answer every month.


Quora has different ways to recommend questions to users.

  • Home feed recommends question: Each user have his/her timeline which appears this answer or question activity, Quora will send relative questions to base the interest or expertise topic that user lists in this profile.
  • Daily Notice: Quora will send answer email to you if you send question request, and send email to you when another person requests your answer to a question. when an in-demand question needs an answer Quora think you can provide.
  • Relative question: When you search a question in the search box, there are many relative current question list on the right top of the side that you will be interesting to answer. This feature relative question will hep user to feel whether they are suitable to answer the question.

Why use Quora?

Quora is a major step forward for affiliate marketers and website builder, blogger content creators. A great tool to leverage questions, answers, and comments on more of an intellectual level. Connect on a larger scale for networking, sharing, following topics and people, generating traffic and most importantly establishing one as an expert and authority in a niche.

As a marketer in any niche, you can leverage this platform as a complementary source of the traffic to your business. Quora questions get rank very well in search engines, you can piggyback these results to attract all sorts of new traffic to your website. The below list of profits leads you to make great use of Quora.

  • Increase traffic on a website for free
  • Improve Brand Authority
  • Improve your Social Network
  • Help You establish Thought Leadership
  • Search Ranking for website content
  • Visitors Leads
  • Engagement with the audience
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Content ideal inspiration
  • Quora is a great learning knowledge platform
  • Complete your profile that looks like an expert in your Niche Topic
  • Get rewards from this platform with high-quality answers
  • Great answer post get cooperation chance with brand publications

Increase traffic on a website for free

Most of the target audience go to Quora for specific question, they search their request answer to solve problem, it is a good way to know your audience well and get the pain point request of their request, then you will write a relative topic on your website blog with quality content in depth to attract them to view. Since this target audience is interested in your content topic, he/she will read your content for more time in a word of site duration if you offer quality content with helpful and informative. This long site duration will reduce the bounce rates of the website user, it is good to factor for your website rank in Search Engines. Besides, the traffic will continue to attract a more relative audience with the same question, that means you will get long-time traffic with the answer content last for years.

Improve Brand Authority

As long as continue to offer quality answers with helpful, informative, engagement, you will establish a good reputation with expertise, more and more followers will concern about you and upvote your answers with engagement. When you become the Most Viewed Writer on Quora, people will select you to answer their specif question, a good chance to get you to answer to rank on top of the topic, and get more views and upvote., sure to improve your personal brand authority.

Improve your Social Network

According to data from Wikipedia, As of February 28, 2018, according to Alexa Internet, the United States makes up the largest user base at 37.1%, followed by India at 19.2%, In September 2018, Quora reported that it was receiving 300 million unique visitors every month, most of the answer contributors are experts in various fields. Most users with high education and average internet background, it is a good channel to improve your social network except for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, this social network with exact professional background introduction, easy to establish the social connection. You can follow followers in specific topics and Most Viewed Writers who have already built a strong relationship with your audience.

Help You Establish Thought Leadership

This platform offers a huge amount of useful information from a professional expert who really understands the issues and has the first-hand knowledge to share, Quora is a social network to share and grow the world’s knowledge. Everyone has the right to establish his thought leadership by contributing knowledge and thoughts information for readers, writers, and seekers.

Search Ranking for website content

Quora is a popular question and answer platform with active users that is user generated. Quora’s question is really rank well on Google with powerful credibility on website authority. If you build your website content base on the relative topic answer on Quora, it is easy to get rank on Quora and link to your blog post. With the active engagement on Quora, you will get more reviews and get a high search ranking for your website content.

Engagement with the Audience

You contribute to share your unique insight or step by step tutorial for questions people, they will be active to engage with you, leave comments or take other action to your website, such as subscribe to your newsletter, view more of your blog posts, add to cart or order on your website, Etc.

Keyword Research Tools

Quora is not an actual keyword research tool, but it will offer you brainstorm keyword research, When you type a broad keyword in the search box, it will list lots of relative questions on the feed and sidebar. Base on the search topic question, you will find lots of potential keywords that are your target keyword. If you have not had any keyword list and don’t know what to write for you content, this powerful platform will offer you brainstorm to discover many uncover keyword that your competitors have not yet used. For further selection, a high average traffic volume over 30 and low QSR competition less than 100, copy the related question to Jaaxy Keyword Tool to get the best rank keyword. Try a free Jaaxy account to search competition keyword now.

Content ideal inspiration

As we mention below, Quora offers much of potential question keywords, we can also get many answer content ideal inspiration, most of the answer contents with a link to answer offer’s website, but also without any link. View a lot of answers, you will find much valuable information for your website blogs, leverage the answer generating endless content ideal inspiration, you no longer puzzled what kind of topic to write for your content marketing. It will be your power source of continuous content creation.


Quora is a great learning knowledge platform

If you are thirsty to learn more a lot of knowledge, there are all kinds of topic in every niche area you can find. If you are confused about Niche Market, check this What is a niche market definition. Search for a relative topic with a huge amount of followers, they are very active to ask a question and get answers, you can also ask and get answers there, Quora is a strict content approval platform, so spams will be blocked. There are some cool people who write really well in these topics and fill your thirst for knowledge, some other topic you may never hear before, but with their knowledge share, you will find that the world is so big, how simple you are.

Get rewards from this platform with high-quality answers

With Quora’s level of popularity, there are lots of money-making opportunities open on the platform, you can earn with Quora’s knowledge prize, companies and individuals sponsors are willing to pay for hundreds of and even thousands of dollars to knowledge contributor who offer the best answers. The prize will be $200-$1500. You can also get rewards from the links to insert your answers or sell affiliate programs with a link in your answer. Most of your profits are driving continues website traffic to your blog and get revenue from your website.

Great answer post get cooperation chance with brand publications

If you continue to offer a valuable answer and share your unique knowledge with high-quality which will get more Upvotes and Mentions. You will be noticed by brand publications and invest in you to offer more valuable information for them. Once you answer post on brand publication, you will also get more rewards, and establish a long time relationship with them.

How to get free website traffic from Quora?

  • Complete your profile that looks like an expert in your Niche Topic
  • Write-Engage-Promote-Convert
  • Find the Latest Question
  • Find the Best question high upvote high followers few questions or bad question
  • Offer helpful, informative question
  • Find question from Topic base on interested in or Search relative Niche Topic
  • Find the Relative Topic on the right side
  • Find the popular question base on
  • Find the Thought Leaders in the relative niche and follow the Topic they are following and search for relative questions
  • Follow the diversity of Topic that is relative, Don’t restrict in some specific Topic
  • Answer the question with personal Emotion and interesting story
  • Answer Questions the Right Way
  • Write Answers in Specific Topic
  • Write answer base on relative content that has an in-depth description in your website
  • Answer base on SEO strategies
  • Content Marketing Strategies
  • Write Answers as much as possible
  • Do not promote just yourself, but provide informative, helpful information
  • Use images, video, graph, text to for diversity answer.

Complete your profile that looks like an expert in your Niche Topic

Create your Quora account with professional expertise background, your skill and strategy or ability about a specific topic. Make sure to let you Quora profile look more creative and attractive. Add your website link or other social medial connection, add some specific topics that you are well known about, When people view who is contributing the answer they may have a look at the question responder’s profile, rich and complete profile will increase the trust with your answer. Adding the specific topics will let Quora known that you are master in this area and they will push you more relative questions for you to answer on the notification email.



Find the Latest Question

  • If you add a specific topic on your profile, it is easier to get a relative question with notification on your to feed. The question will be latest without anyone answer yet.


  • Another way is to search a relative answer in the search box with a keyword, then search the question in past hour/Day/Week/Year, if there are little results.


  • You can select the past week or months. You can also search for a specific topic and click answers, you will find some questions are just a few hours ago and didn’t get any answers yet.


  • Search question on Google with “affiliate marketing” for example, then click tool, find the type of latest question, select the past few hours/weeks/months. It is also a good way to discover more relative questions asked without hours or latest, then you will get a good chance to answer first.


Find the Best question high upvote high followers few questions or bad question

Search keyword to find relative question or topic, not to answer all the questions if the questions have gotten lots of answers, your answers will not get a little view or just ignored on the bottom. The smart way is to look for the best questions to answer.

What is the best question?

  1. Best questions have lots of followers and have very few answers or bad answers has little value or information, if you can offer more insight or depth answer, you will quickly get more upvotes, views, and followers, with you unique answer make you stand out from other people, tons of target traffic will drive to your website.


2. Another way to find the best question on a specific topic list on top in the past few hours, and the question have at least 4-5 followers but only one answer or no answer yet, then it is the gold time to offer you informative answers in time, you will get lots of views and traffic.


3. The question should have a high view, the higher, the better, you can check the question view stats and log by clicking the three-dot on the right of the question. It will show when was the question asked and how many views it has gotten.

Find the Relative Topic on the right side

Search keyword on the search box on your feed, it will list lots of relative keyword question, click the search by topic on the left sidebar, get many relative topics with large followers. On the right sidebar, there are also many relative suggest questions and topic, follow the relative topic and find a more potential question from there.


Find the popular question base on

Ask The Public is also a good keyword research tool with a question and Alphabet Soup keyword combination. Type a broad keyword like blog content, it will show you many question base keywords, type these question keyword to Quora search box, you will discover tons of gold keyword questions. Also, a great tool for the content ideal.


Find the Thought Leaders in the relative niche and follow the Topic they are following and search for relative questions

Discover thought leaders in relative niche topic with more views and followers, click the most views writers on the right top of the topic, scroll down below there are up and coming with a little more views writers, click their profile, and have a look at what kind of topic they are following, just also follow their following topic and search for more relative potential quality questions. You will have endless the best question to answer and answer again.


Follow the diversity of Topic that is relative, Don’t restrict in some specific Topic

Don’t restrict you answer in only several topics, you will discover gold mine in different relative topic, if you are affiliate markers, People from all walks of life are you potential customers, such as financial and salary, students in colleague or university, full time mums, website building, fitness and healthy, sports and so on, you can imagine with you thought in any niche. From answering different kinds of topic question to attract an audience from all walks of life.



Answer the question with personal Emotion and interesting story

Leverage your knowledge to offer interesting, engaging, helpful, informative, valuable and useful answers for users, try to express your personal emotion and your own real story. This method will help to attract more interacting. Most of the famous answers writers on Quora have various ways to get more views and upvote. Explain question with a very genuine voice, gradually accumulate a large audience, When you appear in the most viewed writer’s list, you will find that people begin to ask you questions directly on the topic of which you are featured.

Write Answers in Specific Topic

Once you find many potential audiences in a specific topic, be patient and consistent to answers again and again with different questions in a specific topic, together with the best and valuable question list above, you will find that tons of target traffic increase on your website. I just start with the secret method list in this post, I got 234 views in one day.


Write answer base on relative content that has an in-depth description in your website

As I had mentioned above, before answer questions, you should make niche research and build you niche website with high quality contents, do keyword research with brainstorm, create a website blog with sufficient content, suggest writing more than 2000 words of blog post, then search relative questions to answer with a link to your website blog. If you answer without any links makes no sense to get more views.

Answer base on SEO strategies

Quora doesn’t provide “do-follow” backlinks meaning that if you link to your site as a reference, in another word, it won’t directory increase the authority of search engine ranking, but the referral traffic generates from Quora did increase our target traffic with long-time site duration. In order to get ranking for our answer, it is better to write answer base on SEO strategies. Find the best question, and write the answer with target keyword, link to your target website blog. So the most important step is to do keyword research, it is easier to help you answer to be found in Search Engine.

Write Answers as much as possible

Once you get a question from notification of your top feed, you’d better offer an answer as soon as possible to lead up for the first one to answer on top to get more views. If the question was asked for a long time and have lots of answers then your answers will be ignored and overwhelm on the huge crowd.

Don’t promote just yourself, but provide informative, helpful information

If your answer didn’t offer any value but a hard sell link at the begging of you answer, Quora system or manual checker will remove you answer or mark with spam by another user, then most serious you Quora account will be block, it makes no sense for you to promote only yourself or your product. But to comply with the strict Quora content approval, continue to offer an informative, helpful and interesting story. Write in-depth insight and list clear viewpoint and explain in detail to let people offer you more upvote, at the end of your answer, you are appropriate to link to you relative blog post which is written an in-depth and thorough analysis. My suggestion, if you are a newbie on Quora and have not established your brand authority, or the beginning of the first two weeks or months, try to answer without any link to your blog. Or it is a risk to get spam block.

Use images, video, graph, text to for diversity answer.

Don’t restrict your answer with text block only, people will be tired of large block text, it is more attractive to offer different formattings like images, graph, and video tutorial and explanation. Visual content is becoming more and more popular, it is a good chance that you answer will get more upvote and mentions then let you answer stand out from others to get a top rank and drive more traffic to your website.

How to get the question Answers for Quora?

Before answering any question, you should make sure that you have known well and master about the question, don’t answer casually, or just promote yourself, not relative to the question, you will be blocked as spam. How can you get so many answers to offer every day You can search from the relative book, or other media like PPT video creating website Slideshare, Linked in, YouTube video, comments from other relative blog websites, comments from Forums, Etc, you should not copy the content but create with yourself. Many other sources you can use to get genuine answers.


Quora did generate lots of target traffic if you can leverage it properly. Consistent to contribute your answers to your niche topic questions with adding value. But you need to put effort with persistent patience. Make sure to follow this guide on how to increase traffic on a website with Quora, you will get tons of target traffic to your website within months. Remember to answer and answer again for the best questions with valuable information. Quora is worthwhile to invest your time and effort to increase traffic on a website for free. Don’t neglect its sense of presence.

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  1. Excellent and informative post about increasing traffic on a website with Quora!
    I am on Quora myself but I haven’t spent a lot of time on it, but I do know of some marketers that use it to great effect… Buy the sounds of it, I should be using this traffic method more!
    Thanks 🙂

    • Thank you, John,
      Yes, you should make the most use of Quora and get a large amount of target referral traffic for your website, I did try with the method in my post for one way or two, and got 274 views, and most of them get to my website for a long time site duration which is very important to SEO, it is a Great platform worth to invest in for more targe traffic for free, because they are questioned customer with target solution, you can leverage their point pain to create more specific content in your website.

  2. I love Quora. I have been on that site for quite some time because in my work I do family coaching and I like to see the types of questions that come up for parents and kids. I never thought of using it as a platform to gain traffic for my site but this is such a great idea. I’m going to try it out:)

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