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How to sell crafts online 4 hack tips to skyscraper

If you don’t know how to sell crafts online, no matter how delicate your art is, no one will find it. This guide will show you step-by-step how to sell crafts online.

Whether you are a professional artist or art crafter, making crafts and artwork is your hobby and passion. , do you just want to show it to more people, why not turn your crafts and art hobby and passion into revenue? While more and more people tend to shop online, the question is how to sell crafts online to attract more people to buy.

Choosing your crafts niche

Perhaps you may have many kinds of crafts, but you don’t know which one is popular and make profits, you need to do research on which crafts sell well in the market. There are several ways for you to look for the best-selling products online.

Use Buzzsumo to find a niche for selling crafts

  • Buzzsumo, type your crafts keyword in the search box of Buzzsumo and find the hot products that are popular and share them on all social media platforms, like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit.
sell crafts online
buzzsumo conttent discovery

Use Google trends to find a trending niche search for selling crafts

  • Google trends, search the crafts keyword in Google trends and check whether the products are increasing trends or declining in the past 12 months or select the period you want to compare. If it is increasing trends for search, it is a great demand in the market. you can also find which area is your audience in, and get the related topic search within your niche.

Search the Aliexpress for the crafts category

  • Aliexpress best-selling, Aliexpress is the most popular retail platform for dropshipping in China, Dropshippers make lots of profits from this platform by selling dropshipping products. You can leverage this advantage to find the hot-sell and best-selling crafts and sell them in your own shop to earn more revenue.

Check the best-selling category on Amazon

  • Amazon best-selling products, Google search the Amazon best-selling products and search the categories by handmade crafts and search for more subcategories to see what kind of crafts selling well and their review to checking customers’ feedback.

Find Crafts Shopify store what are they selling in

  •, Leverage this website, and you will find lots of Shopify store that are ranked at the top and sell well, you will find lots of relative crafts store that leads the crafts market and gets lots of your target audience, paste this URL suffix with paste /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling, you will find which is the best selling items in their shop, you can reference and sell relative crafts item on your store too.

Search crafts niche keywords with the Google search box

  • Niche product, leverage the Google search with your crafts niche, you can also search lots of crafts Shopify store, and use the same method below to past the URL suffix with  /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling and find the hot and best-selling crafts items in your Niche market.

Search Pinterest and find the most pins for crafts

  • Pinterest, Leverage the Pinterest platform to see lots of hot crafts that are widely shared, check how many times the images are saved and pinned, and find the relative similar craft items that Pinterest will recommend to you, you will find more products like this below your search items.

Find the most hashtags crafts post to get the hot sale

  • Instagram, search on Instagram with your crafts keyword and find the most popular post that gets more likes and comments, then you will have an idea about what kind of crafts are likely to buy by your audience, an easy way to discover best-selling products.

Search the most views crafts video and sell the printable artwork

Search artwork keyword in the Youtube search box, take for example keyword flower art painting, filter the Creative Commons, and get the most views of the artwork, and then also upload a similar video like that, and sell the printable artwork.

Not all the crafts are selling well, you need to niche down on the specific type of craft products that you are selling, follow trends and select what crafts should you sell? and so some research to make sure that your market is something that people trending to buy. Etsy is an E-commerce website that focused on handmade, or vintage items and crafts suppliers, you can leverage this platform to sell your crafts items all over the world with large profits.

But how to find the best-selling items on Etsy, there are three tools that you can use to find the hot sell products on Etsy.


Select the best site platform to sell crafts online

There are plenty of craft websites that will let you show your products to attract more people to buy your crafts and artworks. some of them are free, and some cost small listing fees or transaction fees. You can select and compare some of them to sell your crafts.

Sell crafts online Etsy store

Etsy is one of the largest handmade and crafts online platforms. As of December 31, 2018, Etsy had over 60 million items in its marketplace connecting 2.1 million sellers with 39.4 million buyers. It is a marketplace in which customers can search to find your store and purchase from your directory through this platform, you don’t need to worry about your brand.

There is no monthly charge on the standard plan, you can build your Etsy shop for free, but you need to pay a small listing fee of only $0.2 per listing, plus a 5% transaction fee on items you sell through Etsy and a standard 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee, but this fee is very small and doesn’t impact on your large profits earning from this platform.

Sell crafts online eBay store

Etsy platform offers many integrations tools that help you run, market, optimize, and enhance your business, such as social media like Pinterest, MuseFind, Outfy, and Crowdfire. and offer Etsy SEO optimization tools to improve your listings and understand buyer trends, like Marmalead and eRank, you will make your product stand out by using this SEO tools to optimize your products title, description, and tags, it is also great tools to do product research and keyword research, find the best top sellers and their product listing which offer you more analysis and reference.

eBay is also a large retail platform for crafts sold online, you can leverage this platform to search for more best-selling items and use this powerful tool eBay Keyword Sniper Pro, it is a great tool to do keyword research for eBay products and look for the best selling products on eBay. Use the advanced search to find the best keyword for your eBay listing title.

Sell crafts online on the Amazon store

Amazon is the largest retail platform that had won a reputation worldwide, there is no doubt about its quality and service to customers, so it is a good chance to sell your crafts on this largest retail platform to reach the most potential customers. But before you build your Amazon store, you need to do more market research and keyword research since there are so many competitions fighting for the profits, learn the tips and tricks to find the best-selling products on Amazon, and know well how to find the best keyword for your Amazon listing. 

Sell crafts online on the ArtFire store

ArtFire is home to thousands of amazing makers and artisans. They take all the hassle out of building a website! All your items are automatically shared with the major search engines! you can connect with makers and artisans around the world. the standard shop pricing plan is very low at $4.95/month, charging $0.23 Per Item Listing Fee, 12.75% Final Valuation Fee, up to 250 active Listings, mobile-friendly shop, ArtFire shops, and items are designed to rank well in search engines. ArtFire Marketplace attracts 1000s of shoppers each month, they offer powerful selling and promotional tools to help you sell handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies on ArtFire.

Sell crafts online the Handmade Artists

Handmade Artists’ Shop is an online venue that sprung out of a group of artists from The Handmade Artists’ Forum which is a community of artists and crafters that have banded together to discuss their art and talents, they can support each other and market their handmade products. Their standard pricing plan is $5 per month and the other is $50.00 a year, they don’t charge any listing fees or commissions. You can list as many products as you want and they do not expire!

Sell crafts online at the GLC Mall

The GLC Mall is designed for the buying and selling of all handmade crafts. Their aim is to help craft businesses be able to make a living selling their crafts online by connecting the crafters with a worldwide customer that is looking for handcrafted items. each store is individually owned and operated, so each store owner is solely responsible for all transactions (sales, shipping, returns, refunds, etc.) , you just need to pay a flat monthly fee; no commissions are taken off your sales, the standard pricing plan is $4.5 per month, charging 5% Processing Fee, you can list up to 300 active items, no listing fees.

Sell crafts online at Absolutearts

Absolutearts is an online art resource where you can discover Art, Buy Original Artwork, and Sell Your Art. You may want to start with an artist website to promote, showcase, sell and market your art, Be an excellent artist, not just in the studio, but also by learning to promote, market, and sell your original art! Join, and get access to videos/podcasts/ discussions and increase your art sales. You can start with a beginner artist website for free and list up to 20 artworks, the sales commission is 35%. They also offer art marketing solutions for you to improve your sale.

Sell crafts online on eCRATER store

eCRATER is both a free web store builder and an online marketplace. If you are a seller you can create your own free online store in minutes. It is a FREE eCommerce website builder providing sellers with customizable online stores. It is an online marketplace bringing together buyers and sellers from all over the world. eCRATER Community forum serves as a resource for beginners to get tips and suggestions from more experienced sellers.

You will get a professional e-commerce store capable of selling any product without spending a dime. it’s FREE to start from the “Basic Set-Up”, their payment option is PayPal and stripe. If you upload more than 200 products you must accept either PayPal, Stripe, or both. You can also easily import your eBay products if you have an eBay store.

Sell crafts online on the Aftcra

Aftcra is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell American handmade products only sells handmade products, but after is limited to only artists living in America.

There are no listing fees, sellers can list as many products as they would like for free, and they only charge for each transaction, It is completely free to set up your own shop and to list products. All products are listed for 6 months. Once your product sells there will be a 7% transaction fee on the back-end.

Sell crafts online at Articents

Articents is a marketplace for independent craftsmen, designers, and collectors to market and sell your products online with unique handmade and vintage items. They provide a low-cost and effective alternative to the many other sites so that you can keep more of the profits to grow your business.

You can start with a free plan with no listing fees, no commissions on sales, and no monthly usage charges.  but you’re missing out on some valuable features and tools, you can update to premium with only $5 per month, then unlock many features that help you save time to improve your sales.

Sell crafts online at Zibbet

Zibbet launched in 2009, it is a marketplace for thousands of artists, makers, and vintage collectors, their mission is to help creative entrepreneurs sell more. They will help to keep you informed about all of your top products, keywords, traffic sources, and more.

You can sell on Zibbet Marketplace as well as many other sales channels and keep 100% of the profits for sales made through your Stitch website. There are no other fees and commissions, except the standard $5 per month to sell in this sales channel. With no listing fees, you have the freedom to showcase an unlimited number of products in your shop.

you can receive payments from all major credit cards and PayPal.

You can try Zibbet free for 14 days, the standard pricing plan is $6 per month, if you bill for yearly, it is $5 per month, and offer 3 months free,  Zibbet does not charge any listing or transaction fees. But you’ll still be charged the regular fees by the sales channel you’re selling on. If you connect with eBay, it costs US$0.20 to list a product on Etsy.

Sell crafts online at Bonanza

Bonanza was named a “Best Entrepreneurial Company in America which is an online marketplace that enables entrepreneurs to create a stable online business with ease, you can easily build your eCommerce store to develop business, there are more than 50,000 sellers voted for it, and users in 199 countries offering items with 35 million.

Bonanza offers a wide range of beautiful Webstore themes that look great on any device and offers tons of extraordinary selling tools and features, All of their themes are pre-built with mobile and tablet users accounted for. As a Google partner, Bonanza can make your e-commerce life easier. This tool allows website owners to easily create Google Shopping advertisements for their products. Find new shoppers, save time, and avoid busy work. Rich tools to get even more buyer traffic.

Merchants use their platform to open stores spanning all product categories with low fees and an easy-to-use interface. there are 14 days of free trials. The standard pricing plan is $25 per month for first-time sellers. They support payment methods via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

Sell crafts online at Meylah

Whether you are a large company or a small business, Meylah offers services that can help you optimize your business, they offer both education and technology that help you better understand the digital marketplace. You can sell your crafts and other products including digital downloads like video tutorials or PDF files, and offer you professional arts and crafts courses to earn lots of revenue from this site.

Meylah’s feature includes Custom domain, Curated, Custom categories, Promote your Brand, Custom Rules, Define your transaction fees, Mobile ready store to reach millions of customers in multiple marketplaces, SEO Optimized, Universal discount codes, Analytics, Excellent Sales Tools like Email list generation, Additional landing pages, Universal cart, custom advertising options.

It’s free to join! No Setup, NO listing fees, or Relisting fees, NO monthly fees, Only 2.75% Transaction Fees, and Up to 100 product listings. It is suitable for first-time sellers.

Sell crafts online on printful

Printful is an on-demand printing and fulfillment company that helps people turn their ideas into brands and products., you just need to offer your design and sell the products, other services were fulfilled by them, and make a large amount of passive income.

Build your own crafts brand online

Why need a crafts brand online?

All of the business can be a brand and exert the power of the brand to some degree, when there are more and more people know about your brand, word of mouth from your audience will lead to a viral sales, at that time, you no longer need to advertise for your brand but still make your brand stand out and be unique.

Take, for example, Apple, Sony, and Disney, these top brands have gotten good reputations by most people when people want to buy a relatively niche product, they tend to think of the relative brand.

Building a business brand is not easy, it takes time and effort, but it is worth it. It is something of yourself and no one can take away from you, it can follow you throughout your business and drive more followers if your brand is trusty and worthwhile and let people know who you are and what you stand for.

Your brand will increase in value with the development of your website just like any real estate asset, and lead to better ranking in Google, Yahoo & Bing search engines if you are good at website content optimization.

How to build your crafts brand online?

Since the brand is so important to expand your business, so it is significant to build your own brand and win more reputation within your audience. The best way to build your own brand is to build your own website and relative social media platform to attract more audiences. If you are a newbie, this article will help you learn how to create a WordPress website for free.

After building your own brand website, the next step is to write your relative content about your crafts. Do keyword research on what is the website content that your audience is interested in? This article will teach you the ultimate guide for website keyword finder, you will successfully find the best keyword that is low-hanging fruit to get ranked in search engines for your crafts.

You can write some crafts tutorials or make some interesting videos on how to make your crafts or what is applications for your crafts, descript the unique feature of your products to attract more audiences to reading your content, and then transform them into revenue.

Why need a website to build your crafts brand online?

WordPress website is powerful not only allows you to write your personal blog to drive more traffic, but it is also easy to own your brand e-commerce store with a plugin, you can quickly get your own store to install the Woocommerce plugin, and then list your crafts products with title, description, upload the most beautiful images, adding variant, etc, a simple e-commerce store showing products will attract visitors and convert to orders.

There are no listing fees with your Woocommerce store, and the payment system is secure to set with stripe, PayPal, or your bank account. I will show you step by step how to build your own Woocommerce store.

Sell Crafts Online

How to start selling crafts online?

If you don’t create crafts yourself and don’t have your crafts and artworks supplier, an available way is to do dropshipping via your own brand store. You can select the best-selling items from Aliexpress, and make a huge amount of profits.

There are many Google extensions that you can install to import Aliexpress products to your website store, I recommend using Import Aliexpress Products to Woocommerce, very easy to implement and show your products to your audience. I will show you how to start a dropshipping business step by step to make money online in another article.

Drive more traffic to your crafts blog website

Drive traffic to your crafts store with social media paltform

Whether you open your store on an e-commerce platform like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc, the most significant thing is to drive more traffic for your website and product listing. You can optimize your website blog via organic traffic with search engine optimization, guest blogging, email marketing, and social media platform, like getting traffic from a Facebook fan page, Pinterest pinboard, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube videos, etc, or getting traffic influence referrals, this is the ultimate guide on How to get more traffic for your blog-21 Tips and Tricks.

Drive traffic to your crafts store with SEO

I know there is one great online training community called Wealthy Affiliate that can help you to succeed with your business in any Niche. It can not only help you to build your own branding website with a hosting service, a keyword research tool for SEO optimization, and all sales tools inclusive, but also offer a comprehensive unique training course, to teach you how to make money with blogging for beginners.

Whether you are a newbie or a successful affiliate marketer, it is worthwhile to invest time to join this Wealthy Affiliate community for free to try whether it is suitable for you or not. its focus with all training is on teaching you how to create a successful, long-term business within the online space.

How to learn the SEO courses for selling your online crafts

There is no scam in the Wealthy Affiliate community, it is the legit company for people who want to put effort and try to make more success with an online business, you can search the honest wealthy affiliate reviews 2019, there have been many successful entrepreneur stories recorded in this platform, and every day there is new successful story post on this platform feed to encourage more newbies.

With the website traffic technique learn from Wealthy Affiliate, you can easily get ranked with your content through SEO and other traffic sources, you can earn while learning, then your crafts and artworks will reach the target audience to improve your conversions, but it is not hard sells that everyone hates. When you drive tons of traffic to your website blog every day and get a huge amount of social media followers, you will get a good reputation with your brand and get more revenue with your crafts sequentially.


You can sell your crafts and artwork in multiple sales channels above list website platform, but in the long run, you need to build your own website for your brand, you can open your crafts shop on e-commerce stores like Amazon, eBay, Etsy platform, etc. but you’ better build your own brand website with WordPress, it is friendly for SEO and Google ranking.

Then your effort is to create fresh blog content to attract more traffic to convert the product of your craft listing. It is a stable and long-term profit to make money online with your crafts, this is the ultimate guild on how to sell crafts online, hope this tutorial can help you succeed with your crafts business in the future, if there is any question, please leave comments below.

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