How to verify website with Google


Google search console allows you to monitor your website in Google search results So that you can analyze your current results of visitors’ behavior, Google Webmaster let you access to see Google organic search of list performance, inspect the URL to find any indexing issues, and monitor other search engine issues. Check the mobile usability whether there is AMP errors or any security problem. Inspect the change of Search Engine Optimization, Submitting sitemap and URL to Google search console, but before this series of work, Google Search console need to verify the ownership of the property. This tutorial will show you how to verify the website with Google step by step.

Google webmaster tool is a completely free service offer by Google that will maintain to get insights into your ranking in Google, and you can take any SEO strategy with the data from Google Search Console. A necessary great site master tool for website optimization. It is very easy and simple to use Google Webmaster Tool with Google account, if you don’t have one, just create a free account to log in.

There are many ways to verify your website with Google, Today I will show you three simple way to make sure to verify your website forever even if your website theme update.

  1. Upload the HTML file to the WordPress website host (Recommend method)
  2. Add an HTML meta tag to your site’s home page
  3. Use your Google Analytics account, add the Google Analytics tracking code to the Theme Header.

Set up & verify your Google Webmaster Tool to verify the website with Google

If don’t have a Google Webmaster Tool account, just set up one. Then add your property domain and click continue, you will go to the verify page, I will show you the three methods in detail.



Upload the HTML file to WordPress website host to verify website with Google

Upload the HTML file to WordPress website is Recommended verification method, it will maintain verify forever if you don’t move the file from your site, even if your theme update, you no need to repeatedly do the same things again and again when after the theme update and then verification will disappear. Download the HTML file, then upload the HTML file to your website host. You can use the WordPress WP File manager to upload or drag the HTML file to your website host. A simple way to add File manager plugin in your WordPress, and active. Click the WP manager at the WordPress dashboard.


you will see the file folder of site root directory name httpsdoc, then click upload button to upload or drag directory the HTML file to httpdocs file fold.


When after upload the HTML file, go back to Google Search Console, then click verify, it will successfully verify automatically. And it is now you verify the ownership of the website property. You can add a different property to your Google Search Console if you have a different website with different Niche in the same account when you are managing multiple websites as an affiliate marketer in the future, the same process like this step as follows.

You can use another way to upload the HTML file except for WP File manager, Download a software call Filezilla from, install and then type the hostname with your domain URL, and FTP Username and password in detail from your host service. Log in the C panel of your host, then find the file manager. If you are a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate,  It is very easy to implement. You can get the FTP username and password in website detail of Wealth Affiliate dashboard. Then click quick connect in FileZilla manager. The same process like below to upload the HTML file to httpdocs file fold, then click verify in Google Search Console. Wealthy Affiliate an incredibly secure and fast hosting service. check this article The honest wealthy affiliate reviews 2019.


Add an HTML meta tag to your site’s home page to verify website with Google

This is two ways to add HTML meta tag to your site’s home page. One to use All in One SEO plugin, the easiest simple way to add All in One SEO plugin and active, in the general setting, just copy the meta cope within the quote marks of content, no need to copy the quote mark and other quotes like below screenshot.


Another way is to add the whole code to the header.php file of your website. But the best way is to install a plugin call insert headers and footers because if you edit the header code of your theme, the verification will disappear when after the theme update, and you need to repeat verify again and again. The same process you can verify the Pinterest to your website, just past the whole meta tag code and paste it into the plugin setting of Insert headers and footers.



Another way is to add the whole HTML meta code to header.php file of your child theme, if you don’t have a child theme, just add a plugin call Child Theme Configurator. Then when you edit the code, you just select the child theme and paste the code to the header file, make sure to paste it into your site’s home page. It paste before the close /head section.




Add the Google Analytics tracking code to the Theme Header to verify website with Google

If you don’t have your Google Analytics account yet, Just create one with your Gmail account, type the account name, website name, website URL, click get the tracking ID, and accept the terms, it will automatically to generate Google Analytics ID code. Then copy the Google Analytics tracking code, paste it in the header.php file, it is better to add the insert headers and footers plugin and paste it into the header part. The same process as above. Put the tracking code in the section, not the section, of your page. If you do not, verification will fail. All the method are being used in the New Google Search Console Dashboard.



There are many ways to verify your website with Google, just select the simple way to add the HTML meta tag of the code within the quote, or use the recommended way with upload the HTML File to your website host. It is a maintain verify method forever verification if you don’t remove the HTML file even if your theme update. The above three ways are a simple guide on how to verify a website with Google step by step, it is suitable for WordPress website newbies, yet the first step to do Search Engine Optimization. If you are newbies for online business, please visit this article about How to make money with a blogging for beginners. If there is any question, welcome to leave comments below, I will be happy to help with you and offer you more tips on how to be successful with an online business.

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