19 Best Ways To Make Money At Home Online Legit Free

There are multiple ways to make money at home online, in order to avoid the distress of making money online scams, I’ve put together a list of the best available approaches for you to consider, it is legit and free.

1. Make money with App

How to make money with Koji?

Koji is the world’s most powerful Link in Bio, with hundreds of free apps to customize and monetize. if you are currently building a digital product business, you can try APP Sell E-books & PDFs and Digital Files Storefront within Koji.


This Apps Sell E-books & PDFs makes it easy to sell any e-book or PDF from right inside your link in bio, it is easy to sell your content by native views and download the file instantly when after payment for this order. 

On top of your profile, you have the ability to have a list of your favorite links, you can sell directly on your link and buy a
page and sell digital downloads like ebooks.

You can also have the ability to collect email subscribers and create a buy me a coffee or tip jar, or offer your professional service by APP Ask Me Anythings, it is the best way to build a more intimate and authentic relationship with your audience, it is free and enables to set paying to ask by the creator, you can set the price and earn 85% of all transactions.

There are so many mini-apps that can monetize for you without a website for free. you can sign up for a free Koji account and check which one is best for you. 

  • Top app to make money for monetization
  • Digital Files Storefront
  • Boost It
  • Fund My Project
  • Gift Me
  • Locked Video(s)
  • Locked Audio
  • Sell Exclusive Images
  • Audio Inbox
  • Slider Reveal
make money at home

You can also earn money by sharing your referral link, Referring Koji to others & getting paid, it is such a popular and easy App for monetization, it is attractive to drive more followers and make money from these apps. 

Koji Affiliate Program

2. Make money from eBay

Why sell on eBay?

As of Q1 2021, there are 187 million eBay users worldwide. This marks a 1.08 percent growth in the number of eBay users from the previous quarter and a 7.47 percent increase from the year before (eBay, 2021), which means that if you select this e-commerce platform selling the best items, you will earn lots of money from eBay.

Find the winning products to import and sell on eBay from sites such as Aliexpress and Alibaba, you can use this method for eBay drop shipping, or you can use this method to buy products in bulk, and then resell them onto eBay for making money
online. You can also earn a commission by promoting this best-selling product as an eBay partner.

What is selling on eBay?

Find the best-selling items It’s the most important step to winning one eBay, there are four effective ways for o search for products on eBay recommended for you as below:

  1. Find Winning Items on eBay Using Zik Analytics

I use the product research tool Zik Analytics to find numerous winning products to import and sell on eBay, it is not only for eBay market research but for Ali Express and Alibaba Market Research, Find winning products for eBay Dropshipping, it is quick and easy to find a niche product in just a few minutes, you can pay for only 1$ for 7 days trial. you have a bunch of
different filters you can apply.

2. Use eBay explore to find a large number of best-selling products

You can find lots of hot selling products in the Most Popular and Trending deals on eBay, select any category. and search for hot sale items by checking the sales history, If it was a bunch of sold in 24 hours, it is presumably a best-selling.

trending products on ebay

3. Use Terapeak to do product research

Terapeak is not only keyword research for eBay, but also product research, you can check the Sell-through rate in 30 days, to check if the products are hot sale searching keywords.

4. Search Google with string sold in the last 24 hours inurl

You will discover a mass of untapped hot sale items on eBay with this search. Click each link and check the sales record to determine whether it has had multiple orders recently. 

Finding the best products to sell on eBay is the main success for your online business, together with keyword research is also an important factor to make money on eBay, if you want to get more tips and tricks on eBay, check this article on how to increase sales on eBay

3. Make commission from eBay partner

The eBay Partner Network is eBay’s affiliate marketing program, if you build your website and drive traffic to your blog with high-quality content, and the buyer completes the transaction within the prescribed time, you can earn 5% of the commission per every sale item, a great way way to make money online.

4. Make money from Etsy

Etsy is an online eCommerce platform selling handmade or vintage items and crafts. You can apply for an online store and sell for money. If you don’t have a large cost budget to import for stock up. It is simple to create some fun printables in Canva for free, so you can finally open a digital product Etsy shop,  that’s going to bring you much passive income.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer, but only sign up for a free or premium Canva account, which is a graphic design platform for graphics, presentations, and other visual content, you can easily design your printable sticker, social media template or wall artwork, and Upload to Easy. Store for selling.

You can also sign up for a free Printful account, which designs and sells custom products online with print-on-demand drop shipping, connect your Etsy online store without inventory, upload your design only, preview and download realistic mockups, and your order processing and shipment will be fulfilled by Printful platform.

You can also sell other categories of handmade artwork by choosing the besting selling items on Etsy, using the Marmalead or eRank keyword tool to do product research for selling; it is an essential part to be successful on Etsy to do product and keyword research,  if you are Etsy beginner, this article about ten tips selling on Etsy to boost sales Full Tutorial may help with you. 

5. Earn money from Youtube

Why focus on Youtube video

As video content has become more and more popular with the quickening,  pace of people’s lives, people are more interested in watching videos. YouTube is the largest and earliest video platform, it has more than 2.6 billion active users, if you can continue to create your own unique original video content, there are multiple ways to make money in the YouTube Partner Program.

Ways to earn on Youtube

But creators monetize their videos on YouTube, they must be in good standing with YouTube 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months and Have at least 1,000 subscribers, once their channel does this eligibility threshold, they need to sign the partner program terms and sign up for a Google AdSense account after this step completed, you can make money with Youtube.

  • Earning money from Google ads
  • YouTube Premium subscribers watching your content
  • Channel memberships
  • Super Chat & Super Stickers
  • YouTube Premium Revenue
  • Merch shelf: Your fans can be led to your landing brand page to buy related products on the watch page.

If you keep making great content and focusing on building your audience, there is a great chance to sell your paid service or courses to the target audience, if your target customer is really interested in your content, they are willing to pay for your content quickly, and this way, no need to wait for the 4,000 public watch hours and 1,000 subscribers.

You can sell anything to your target audience as long as your audience is accurate, take, for example, your explain a video about How To Create a WordPress Website For Free Step By Step and offer a referral link to a web hosting register, then if your target audience really wants a website, you get a commission from this referral. 

How to get more views and subscribers on Youtube

In order to get more monetization from Youtube, you need to focus on creating more original informative video content, and research how to get more views and subscribers on Youtube, there are many tips on being successful on YouTube.

  • Youtube keyword tool
  • Youtube Ranking algorithm
  • Youtube trending videos
  • Youtube analytics tool
  • Youtube SEO optimization 
  • Share your Youtube video on Q&A  forums and sites
earn money from youtube

6. Make money on Fiverr

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an Israeli online marketplace for freelance services, you can offer any service list on the navigation bar of Fiverr, take, for example, Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, etc.
You can offer graphic design for a brand logo or website, offer SEO service for a brand company, or write articles for a request blog. 

If you don’t know how to design, Canva is your best selection to offer this kind of graphic design service and video online producer, you can add any sticker, insert photos and video, and edit the text to become your own works, it is easy to implement

Except for Canva, you can use PPT, or Clipchamp for creating videos,  with FREE AI Tools, you can Create High-Quality Voice Overs YouTube Videos, and you can turn articles into videos in any niche that you want, or use the rytr to write for a video script,  that is the way that you can offer video creating service on Fiverr to make money online.

You can take a video and convert it into social posts. You can convert a podcast series into an audio course, You can convert an article or Slideshare into a video, so multiple services that you can offer on Fiverr to make money.

7. Make money from Canva

As I had recommended in the above paragraph that Canva is an online graphic design and video editing website, there are a large number of free images and videos for your commerce use. It is easy and simple to insert any shape of sticker or photo or video to make creative image content or video content for your own use on a blog website or sell to others.

You can create digital products to sell on your eCommerce store on App. Take, for example creating printable stickers, social medial templates, or printable wall artwork to sell on Etsy store on Fiverr, Shopify store, etc. 

It is smart to use the Google keyword planner to search what kind of templates are popular search by customers so that you can create templates that are market niche, take, for example, Facebook templates, Youtube templates, Instagram templates, Pinterest templates, etc, that’s a reason why we want to do this to discover, what people are looking for and sell for their request. 

You can also create personalized Ebooks on Canva to sell on your e-commerce store or Koji App. it is the best way to collect email subscribers on your blog or Youtube when after your visitors come to your website and Youtube Channel, offering them an attractive content ebook can increase the chance to ask for an email sign-up, and then do email marketing again and again.

8. Make money from writing

How to get the content ideas to write for articles?

If you don’t know how to write an article, there are some tips for recommending, you can use Jaaxy keywords or another keyword tool to discover the untapped brainstorm keywords to get the outline of the article, and then find answers in the Q&A forums and websites, like Quora, 

is the largest question and answer website in the world, there are many experts answering the question on that website, you can pick some of them to write in your own words, and then convert them into your articles

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website, there are a huge number of original content posts there, and you can also leverage their answer to get content inspiration or check the video content on Youtube if the Youtube content creator doesn’t write an article on his blog, it is a good idea to take some of their ideas to write into your articles. 

Slideshare is another blog content source for writing articles, you can search on Google for Slideshare, and search the related keyword that you want to write on the niche, and you will find the gold mine to write with endless content ideas, even though you are on a writer, but all you need to do is Innovate on other people’s content, don’t copy, or you will have no right to get ranked on Google.

How to make money with writing?

You can build your own website blog, create multiple blog contents based on SEO in your niche, and then drive a large amount of traffic to your website from original search and social media, finally get revenue on your blog content by referral affiliate marketing link or sell items on your store.

It is not hard to build your own website, if you don’t know how to build your own website, please check this article to create a WordPress Website For Free, step by step.

Or you can offer writing content service on Fiverr, optimize on the Fiverr store, saying that you can offer articles with SEO, no copyright with original creative, you will be discovered to set some keywords tips on Fiverr when after you get an order from there, follow the step I just offer for you in the above, you will find it is not so hard to complete and articles. It is helpful to read this post for How to make money blogging for beginners 10 hacks. 

9. Earn money by blogging

A blog website is the foundation of your online business to make money, so the first thing you need to consider is to build a website, select the right blog niche for content, find your purpose or find your passion is the motivation to write.

Start your blog about something that you either have experience in or something that you want to learn about, take, for example, you like health and fitness, you are active to seek out topics like yoga and exercise, and focus on writing with this kind of content.

Selecting the best blog themes that are SEO-friendly is important to optimize with a search engine in the long run, which is the main factor to get ranked on Google. There are free recommended free blog themes like Astra, Blocksy, Oceanwp.

Don’t forget to install the elementor plugin because it’s a great page builder that’s a perfect drag and drops for a newbie to building a beautiful-looking and mobile website.

Do a keyword search for your website content, there are many keyword research tools that you can find the hot search topic that people are looking for, if you don’t know how to search keywords for the blog, here is an article you will be interested in, Website keyword finder of the ultimate guide.

Search keywords on the below keyword research tool below:

Millions of people type in searches into Google, Pinterest, and Youtube when looking for videos, articles, and blog posts, 
trying to solve their problems; if you’re able to offer the content to meet their request, and get to the top of those search
engines well, it’s very easy to make money online.

10. Earn money online surveys

There are many online survey websites for monetization, but you need to avoid whether it is a scam and whether they will pay for you, or it will be wasting your time.  The blow online survey website is legit and you can try to make money online.

10. Make money with online courses

Search the Google keyword planner or use the Jaaxy keyword tool, and check what is the popular search terms in your niche, or search on Google training course affiliate, there will be a large number of training courses you can refer to for commission.

Take, for example, my niche is about affiliate marketing and making money online, Google SEO, I will search in the Jaaxy keyword with SEO training, and I found that the keyword SEO training sources with high search volume and low competition, I can introduce some free SEO courses on Youtube and drive them to my website to buy the paid courses.


Wealthy Affiliate is a cost-effective SEO training and affiliate marketing source, which helps you to build your online business, teaches you to build your website from scratch, create high-quality content, and how to get more traffic to your blog to get monetization step by step. 

It is a worthwhile affiliate marketing online course to refer to for passive income, you can sign up for free courses and build your WordPress website for free, you can start with any niche that you are interested in. 

11. Make money from TikTok

Tiktok is a short video share platform with one billion active users spread across 154 countries as of 2022, which makes TikTok one of the most popular social media platforms.

Search keywords in the search box of TikTok and the relative keywords among the videos, you can get monetization when your video gets more views, and also open a store to sell products to get revenue.

12. Make money by affiliate marketing

What affiliate program can you do? Which one is suitable for affiliate marketing beginners? You can check the below affiliate network which is legit and friendly for beginners. 

  1. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program
  2. CJ (Commission Junction) Affiliate Program
  3. ShareASale Affiliate Program
  4. ClickBank Affiliate Program
  5. Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Program
  6. Impact Affiliate Program
  7. Awin Affiliate Program
  8. Etsy Affiliate Program
  9. eBay Partner Network Affiliate Program
  10. Fiverr Affiliate Program
  11. Refersion Marketplace
  12. PepperJam Network
  13. FlexOffers Affiliate Program
  14. Avangate Affiliate Program
  15. MaxBounty Affiliate Program
  16. LinkConnector Affiliate Program

13. Make money selling ebooks

It is interesting to create your own personalized ebook with Canva templates, you can create the ebook content yourself, Or you can search for some most amazing websites to download free eBooks, or search on Slideshare with keywords, or answer content on Quora, and then edit it with Canca to become your own works to sell for money.

You can promote your eBooks by promoting them on your Youtube channel or blog content or Koji App. Free e-books are a stepping stone to customer email, after you get a large number of accurate users’ emails, you can sell more valuable courses or merchandise to the target customers.

There are 21 lists of free ebook website that is amazing for you to download.

Video Insights
11. Google Play books
13. Amazon Cheap Reads for Kindle
14. public domain
15. Goodreads
19. Wikisource
20. Baen

14. Make money watching videos is a completely free tool where you can create short links, and share them, and you get paid! So you can shorten the youtube link and share it in another place like Slideshare or social media, when other people click your link and watch the video, you get a commission.

Search for the motivational video on youtube, sign a free account on, click the youtube link by share button, and then get a link to shorten on, and share the short link on Slideshare to get more clicks.

Picoworkers is an online marketplace that connects freelancers and business owners around the world, you can also sign a free account and make money by watching Youtube videos on this site. except for watching videos to get paid, you can also find more micro jobs to earn money on that interesting website. It is also a great affiliate program that you can monetize by referral.

15. Make money online reviews

There are many ways to get paid by writing reviews for products or services or blog posts. people want to order the products with more reviews because product reviews are the actual feedback and experience by the users who have purchased and used them, so there is such a group of people who get paid by sharing their opinions.

There are many websites where you can get paid by writing reviews.

  1. Get Reviewed
  2. Survey Junkie 
  3. BlogExpose
  4. Start a Review Blog
  5. Review Stream
  6. Influence Central
  7. Start Your Own Blog
  8. Kirkus
  9. Online Book Club

16. Make money with Quora

What is Quora?

Quora is a social question-and-answer website with 300 million monthly active users based in Mountain View, California. You can get AdSense revenue by answering the high-quality content when getting more views on Quora.

How to get revenue from Quora?

You can promote affiliate products on your website or YouTube channel by Quora, but please note that you are banned to paste the affiliate link directory on Quora, just through the content answer directory link to your blog website or Youtube link, or you will be can as spam post by Quora.

If you don’t have a website, you can create an affiliate link by short link, and add to your profile, when after answering, ask the visitors to click the link for detail in your profile, you need to complete your profile for a professional in your niche with your own image.

How to get answers for Quora?

You can get answer search on Google and Slideshare, but don’t copy all of them, just take a reference, or you can get an answer from Jasper Ai, it is easy to get more idea writing by adding some relative topic about the question, it will automatically write for you.

With these Jasper templates, you can use them to build articles or build Youtube video scripts to answer for Quora, or you can even answer some questions on Quora, you can promote your videos or articles with affiliate marketing links, and earn commissions. 

If you want to get more traffic from Quora, check this article on How to increase traffic on a website with Quora.


17. Make money with dropshipping

If you don’t have lots of money to stock up, dropshipping will be the best way for you to do business online and save money. 
Drop shipping is a form of retail business where the sellers accept customer orders without keeping stock on hand. When after they get the order, they buy from a third-party selling platform and get the price difference for profit.

All the processes of the order and shipment will be fulfilled by the third partner, All they focus on is driving more traffic to their website, they don’t have to deal with more time in the logistic department.

But they need to select the best-selling items to sell on their platform, You can do drop shipping by eBay, by Amazon, or by Aliexpress, there are many dropshipping chrome plugins to select and import the products from Aliexpress or Alibaba to your Shopify store, Woocommerce platform on WordPress or another eCommerce store.

18. Make money listening to music

Making money listening to music is one of the best ways to make money online, wherever you are or working from home, is the ultimate dream, There are multiple legit ways available on the Internet which you can earn money in your part-time or even in your sleep.

I will introduce you to an easy way that really works to earn by listening to music on your laptop or your smartphone. Sign up for a free account on, click the top music button, and found the Genres Sub menu, click acoustic for Free Acoustic Stock Music, and click Hip-Hop for Free Hip-Hop Stock Music. then download the music for free.

Sign up for a free account on JP4EVER, Up-4ever is a site for profit from uploading files, profits are calculated on each download; five profit modes that you can benefit from this website, include ber paid per download paid per referral, and also they will allow you to sell your files, they have over 20 different payment options that you can choose from.

Then upload the music download from, and upload it to Up-4ever, when there is someone downloads the music, you will get paid.


The internet is a place where people can make money online by doing various tasks. There are many websites that offer these opportunities and some of them are legitimate while some of them are scams, so you need to identify them clearly, as a beginner to make money at home online, you need to focus on one way to be a success, and then develop in multiple ways, if you try for all of the methods, you will be a failure to give up, there is no quick getting rich, all you need is to implement in actions.


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