Affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliate marketing for beginners with a free full tutorial

Affiliate marketing is a main passive income for most bloggers and internet marketing influences. It is a flexible work model which let you make money online, so many people quit their 9-5 jobs and start to make passive income. As a newbie to an online business, would you like to know how to start? This guide will show you step-by-step affiliate marketing for beginners.


Affiliate marketing for beginners What is affiliate online marketing?

Affiliate marketing is part of online marketing basic on commission shared by referrals from third-party merchants or producers. It consists of three main parts, one is a merchant or products and service advertiser, the other is an affiliate marketer or publisher; the third part is the customer.

Merchants or advertisers offer product and service affiliate programs, then products and services are referred by affiliate marketers or publishers, they promote through website traffic, social media, or another platform to target audiences, and affiliate marketers earn commission rewards by referral. the customers are the ultimate consumers who pay for orders.

What is an affiliate network?

It is a third party that connects with affiliate marketers and merchants or advertisers, they set up deals, track the sales link, and clicks and pay for commissions. They get tons of affiliate programs from merchants and advertisers on their platform. Affiliate marketers earn commissions from the merchants’ affiliate programs, by referral.

How Do you Earn A Commission From Affiliate Links?

Where do you promote your affiliate link?

Everyone can earn a commission by promoting affiliate programs even if you don’t have your own website. You can start by posting the affiliate link on other platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube description, Instagram, Google blogger, forums, Email marketing, etc, or create a landing page, If you don’t have a platform, where do you put your affiliate links?

Is it good to start affiliate marketing without a website? What is the best platform to choose for affiliate marketing? The answer is yes; a website is a place for traffic, it is an actual asset that has a chance to rank on Google. There are very strict terms and rules to block spam on many social media, you will be blocked to send lots of affiliate links.

Why do you need websites for affiliate marketing?

Why do I suggest choosing a website as your post platform, is that some specific affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, ask for a basic website when you apply for their programs, so you need to have a website already created. If you don’t have a website, you can use a youtube channel or social media account, but you need at least 500 subscribers, for a newbie YouTuber, it is not easy to get 500 subscribes, so the quickest way to apply for Amazon Associate, it is to build your online website first.

Owning an official website looks legit. like having a business card online, If you don’t have a website, you don’t have anything to back you up, in terms of showing a company by only a landing page.

You said you are a good affiliate marketer and make lots of referrals, but if you don’t have a platform to show them, how are they take your word for it? From a company perspective, you don’t want to be risking having all these low-quality affiliate links that don’t have a website. you don’t want to spam your links everywhere.

How to build a website for affiliate marketing beginners?

Luckily, building a website is no longer as difficult as years before, it is not only exclusive to network technicians, with no code, and no programming, Siterubix takes a website building to a completely new level, it takes about 1 minute to build with integrates.

  • Free secure fast hosting
  • Free Domain
  • 4 WordPress themes
  • One WordPress website
  • Jaaxy keyword research tool
  • Affiliate marketing training course
  • Other internet marketing resources, and tools.

Here is the detailed guild on How To Create a WordPress Website For Free Step By Step.


What is the most profitable Niche for affiliate marketers?

What is the niche definition in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketers’ success relies on the affiliate niche market you select. Maybe you read a lot about Niche, but still confused about this word, check this post will explain what is niche market definition? A niche is a distinct segment of the market that is not so competitive as the mass market, but has a large demand; selecting a niche will save you time to get revenue over and over again.

How to do keyword research for a niche?

To find the most profitable Niche market, you need to do tons of market research and test. The best way to search for Niches market is to use the Jaaxy keyword tool, it is not only a keyword research tool, but it also integrates with many feature functions.

It is easy to discover lots of undetected low-hanging fruit Niche keywords in just a few seconds, It is a great way to brainstorm with content inspiration, and a great tool to analyze your website ranking, etc. check this article about the Jaaxy keyword tool review 2022, You will be fascinated by this time-save effective keyword tool. Try a free Jaaxy search below the search box.

How to prepare for your niche content?

Looking for offers on some affiliate websites like ShareASale, CJ, ClickBank, and so on, they are good channels to choose different niches.

These affiliate platforms offer relatively high commission affiliate programs, but whatever Niche products you promote, the first thing you need to consider, is Niche content relative, you need to know who are your target audiences, and what problems can you slive? what information can you offer them?

Don’t just post the high commission but not relative to your website, or you will not get the target sale and make more profits. There is a few of the most profitable niche affiliate marketing the below list which offers relatively high commission, from 10% up to 75%.

  • Healthy and Fitness (e.g Beauty, Diet & Eating, Weight Loss, workout programs)
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Financial and investment( e.g Trade, Loans,)
  • Outdoor survival( adventure, camping, Extreme sports, Underwater sports)
  • Hobbies and Special Interests (e.g Games, Sports, Cooking, Photography, Pets)
  • Self-improvement(eg. all kinds of ability training)

Create Your Initial Website Content

After choosing your posting platform and selecting your niche, the next step is to create your initial website content. What kind of content should you create for your website? before any content, you should choose relative keyword lists, this is an important step when you are doing Niche market research, you should research lots of Niche keywords, it is also preparation for the content outline.


You can build out your website content in a way that is ready for SEO. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing, like most relative content. If your content focuses on helping people with value and searches for topics and questions that your Niche audience is interested in. it is the foundation to establish trust with your audience which is going to lead long term and consistent success online.

The content should be relative to your Niche market, if you don’t have any content idea, there are many platforms to get your brainstorm for content creation, content is the king, and it is the main source of organic traffic. Making sure to offer continuous valuable content to your audience is an important success factor for affiliate marketing.

  • Buzzumo
  • Quora
  • Answer the public
  • Yahoo Answer
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Wikihow
  • Slideshare

You only need to create content one time, you can get customers, and you can get clicks and sales for years to come after you make the content. you never have to make the content again. You may invest hours to make content, but it will continue to generate revenue for you forever.

How to avoid affiliate marketing scams

There are full of scams in affiliate marketing, it is easy to suffer from scams for beginner affiliate markers. Actually, affiliate marketing is a legitimate online business, Many affiliate marketers make great success in the right direction, some even earn 7-8 figures per month. But some newbies were frustrated to fail without knowing the business and don’t know how to identify some scams. They are confused and thought that affiliate marketing is only a scam. There are some tips to avoid affiliate marketing scams.


Claim to get quick rich scheme

The one who advertized and taught you, convince you to do the same thing that they did? Take, for example, The advertisement tells you how to make $10,000 a month fast with affiliate marketing, you go into the funnel, up for the same tool that they are using, then they will give you the email that they are advertising, and they’ll give you the ads that they are advertising with,

And then you will have everything, you need to create a successful business, you’ll just promote the same thing that they are promoting. These are total scams, no millionaire overnight without any effort, there is no quick rich scheme in legit affiliate marketing.

Don’t offer their own website

If you click their promoting link and back to no site, do can’t find any information about their website introduction or product service terms, only a purchase link for the advertising, It is a great chance to get a scam, don’t waste any money with this scam, or you will be cheated.

Don’t offer any contact info

Check their purchase link, there is no contact info about domain email or official telephone, and they dare not to offer any sale support, if you try to get emergency help with any issue, there is no response within 48 hours, it is a big scam not to get in touch with them.

Consistent Upsell

If they try to promote their product at a super low price to get a product or service, but when paying for the first time order, you will find that they don’t offer a complete product or service, you have to pay for the consistent upsell, down-sell, side sell, until waste you lots of money, but finally when you find that the whole waste worth nothing and get no value at all but an awful scam.

Fake training

These scams trying to sell some useless or low-value ebooks, webinars, video tutorials, and online training courses, squeeze a large amount of money targe from newbie affiliate marketers without knowledge, and actually, this newbie gets nothing and learn nothing but invest much on this scams.

Pay to join the program without trial

If the advertisement asks for payment at the beginning and don’t offer any valuable material and doesn’t have a tray experience, they aim to force a sale, after taking money from you, no longer appear again. they claim you will get tons of money only need to work 1 to 2 hours a day, or just buying something, you will get a commission, you only get a steady stream of commissions if you keep buying an item from their program, this is the obvious big scam. In reality, the majority of the bona fide affiliate programs are free to join, with no fee.

Fake products or service

Generally speaking, the legit affiliate marketers make money by promoting products or services from other companies, scammers make up fake products and services by using the name of the famous company, this is a scam that is difficult to identify, they use the fake infographics and promote the fake business by using paid phony salespeople who act as their referees, this is like a pyramid scheme, the final benefits are gotten by the scams when they lure you pay for their fake product and then promise you will return a high rate of your investment within a week or two, the scammers will get away with your money and disappear before people figure out what is going on. Be care of this scam.

Youtube Scam

These guys often display their luxury cars and elite housing, and their bank account income, which makes you dream of being a millionaire through their secret programs. They actually don’t have a website or don’t have any support.

They claim their high subscribes and followers on other social media, and cheat that they are selling very well. But luckily, you can quickly reveal their scam, a social media analytics on the pyramid will show you whether their subscribers or followers are a real increase or buy fans.

If their subscribers and follower increase in an unbalanced trend, the most possible is that they buy subscribers and followers. Look at this gut, he buys the same volume of subscribers every day, and monthly subscribers and monthly views are not normal with a gradual increase, but a sudden rise or fall. Big YouTube Scams that I almost deceived by him.


In order to avoid scams, you should do more and more research and get feedback from their actual customer, if there is a more negative complaint about the program, it a better to give up, and no need to waste money.

What are affiliate marketing secrets?

In fact, there is no secret for affiliate marketing, but to drive more website traffic toward your affiliate link, and definitely, makes money from sales. The more traffic you drive toward your website, the more sales it will generate.

So the key problem you should consider is how to drive more traffic to your website. For example, create and publish the article on other popular websites or forums with an affiliate link, or backlink to your website. This kind of website includes:

  • EzineArticles
  • Ehow
  • Wikihow
  • Associated Content

There are ways traffic channels to drive traffic, including Free Organic traffic and Paid Ads. Here is an article about How to get more traffic for your blog-21 Tips and Tricks

Free traffic

  • Organic Search Engine(SEO) based on your blog content, it must be relative and valuable.
  • Social media share(Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit)
  • Guest blogging
  • Niche forums
  • Classified Websites
  • Email Marketing
  • Use a product review site

Paid traffic

  • Google ads
  • social media ads(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Youtube ads)
  • Referral by influence
  • Ads on other websites or forums
  • Sponsored content

What are the best affiliate marketing courses?

There is a huge amount of affiliate marketing courses searched on Google, main of them are scams, if are you a newbie, it is easy to get a lure to be cheated with failure, and lose a bunch of money, it is very frustrating for affiliate marketing beginners.

I was always trying to search lots of debris affiliate courses on Google, and Youtube, most of the courses are very expensive and useless, they don’t offer their deep valuable content but only refer to the surface. They aim to promote their software of tools and other paid services.

Wealthy Affiliate is a legit affiliate program that is designed for affiliate marketers, you will not find such a complete affiliate marketing training platform in the world. It is integrated with secure fast hosting, which is the basis of your online website, keyword tool, a series of step-by-step online businesses including 500 models training courses, powerful and helpful community, which is impendency for newbies.

I had joined for one year and take a good experience with the enjoyable of from scratch to build a website to be more professional with zero knowledge about internet marketing. Thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate community platform, it is a cost-effective affiliate training course. and I had written The honest wealthy affiliate reviews 2019, Check it and experience its fantastic.

What are the best affiliate networks for beginners?

Affiliate Networks are the marketplace where you will find different affiliate program products to promote. You can promote thousand of affiliate .programs in any Niche. if you are a newbie to affiliate marketing, it will take a huge amount of time to track down a bunch of individual affiliate programs, so the ideal way is to join some of the larger and more reliable affiliate networks, which are popular and have lots of users,

The large affiliate network will have lots of resources, it attract more merchants with more affiliate products and have good support for their users. as a newbie affiliate marketer, there are some suggested affiliate networks you can join.

  • Amazon Associate
  • eBay Partner Program
  • Esty Affiliate
  • Aliexpress Affiliate
  • Commission Junction
  • Awin
  • LinkShare
  • ShareASale
  • Google Adsense
  • Rakuten Affiliate Program
  • Shopify Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing software and tools for a beginner?

With some tools that can be used in your Affiliate Marketing business. Whether it be social media marketing, getting your business organized using different tools, or getting ahead of the competition.

  • Organizations tools
    • Alexa
    • Google trends
    • Quantcast
    • Similarweb
  • Market Research Tools
    • Alexa
    • Google trends
    • Quantcast
    • Similarweb
    • Google Alerts
  • Seo Tools
    • Google Keyword planner
    • Google trends
    • HitTail
    • Jaaxy Keyword Tool
    • UberSuggest
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
  • Social Media Tools
    • Hootsuite
    • Buffer
    • Tweetdeck
    • Tailwind
  • Image resource
  • Magdeleine. co

What content should I write as an affiliate marketing beginner?

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and don’t have any idea, what kind of content should you write for your website blog, I suggest writing a product review, make sure the product review is purchase lifecycle.

Why do people search for a product review? is that because they had known about the product, and want to get more information; if you are sincere to introduce the product from every perspective, and get a high rank on Google, you will get more viewers and have a big chance to convert it into revenue.

Search for a large number of affiliate products in your Niche, collect the information from merchant websites, or other comments from real customers, write a product review in a blog, and try to drive more traffic for it, you will get earnings from sales.

Well, I advise you to start by writing reviews of Digital Downloadable, because they are easy to deliver and the commission per sale is very high (20-75%) on these products.

Try to do keyword research, on which niche are you interested in? and create the content topic with keywords in subtitles, each subheading expands into details; take wedding themes, for example, and try to write keyword titles as below:

  • fun wedding themes
  • unique wedding themes
  • rustic wedding themes
  • wedding themes color

Conclusion (is affiliate marketing for beginners?)

If you are a newbie beginner in affiliate marketing and know nothing about the affiliate business, this guide is helpful for you. Do more research when carrying out everything. If you are genuine to make success with an online business, it is worthwhile to try to join Wealthy Affiliate Community it’s free to study their courses.

It is the best place for affiliate marketing beginners to learn step by step, no credit card, no waste of money, no scam, if you have any questions, feel free to offer any feedback and leave comments below.

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