Ten tips selling on Etsy store to drive 150% traffic

Etsy is a high-traffic e-commerce platform, owning your Etsy store and selling your handmade or vintage art craft items. Before your Etsy start, you need to know the ten tips selling on Etsy.

No ranking means no traffic and no sales; from my selling experience on the Etsy store, let me expose the main factors that affect the Etsy ranking; follow my ten tips step by step.

What is the best selling on Etsy?

Discover the Etsy Trending & Top Selling Products in the search bar

Click the search box without inputting any keywords, their series of hot search keywords which are very popular, and click the related keyword to log in, or click the category that you want to sell, check which item is the best selling items.

But we don’t just select the label item with the best selling, we need to dig deep research, whether it is really the best selling item, how to do that? Do some research in more detail. like how many sales are made by these best-selling items?

Let’s say 10 out of 100 buyers leave reviews, check shop reviews, and we can see the total reviews for this shop is 2266, This product alone accounts for reviews for that is 428, estimate it had been sold 4280, and the latest review is on May 6, 2022, its sale price is not low, that is a real best selling item, that we can consider.

Find the best selling product on Etsy with eRank tools

eRank is an SEO tool for Etsy sellers, With eRank’s suite of Etsy research tools, you can easily to get a real keyword data; it can help you to pick the strong keyword in title, description, and tags; and provides the largest library of innovative tools to encourage your shop’s success.

it is not only an Etsy keyword search tool, but it is also a product research tool, but you also check search for top tellers’ stores and check what are their besting items? or check from category and select related top sellers, analyze their store and best selling items.

1. Tips for Selling on Etsy With SEO

Why need SEO tips for selling on Etsy

SEO is the cost-effective and the main method to sell on Etsy, the same as other e-commerce platforms. it is organic search traffic without paid; you can get revenue over and over again. So doing well on Etsy SEO, is the first and best tip for your sales performance in the long term.

SEO doesn’t like ads or promotion on social media, if you stop boosting or promoting with cash, your item won’t have a chance to be shown to your customer, although it is not the only selling strategy, but is actually worth way to invest more effort on, and put it on top of the Esty selling tips.

Etsy SEO is one of the most important factors to succeed on Etsy, it is search engine optimization in short, which utilizes some keywords of your niche product, so your items stand out from many competitions. If you put the keyword match on titles, tags, and descriptions with specific long-tail keywords, it will have a chance to get ranked.

How do make Etsy SEO tips effective?

If your item title keyword is not relevant to what the item is, it’s not going to get a rank and not going to sell, that is why keyword relative is such an important part of SEO tips. so you’ve got some keyword research tools, check what keyword the customer is searching for, and what are the competitive keyword you should use for ranking?

The heart of SEO is getting better rankings, and ultimately converting to a sale and making $. The more specific long tail-keyword you put, the more accurate and target traffic you get from visitors, and the more clicks and browse time on your listing. a big variety of long-tail keywords is important in SEO tips which is conducive to a transaction.

People often search by starting with a popular and hot search phrase, and then refining it by adding attributes. that is the specific long-tail keyword, used for the listing titles, tags, and description, which makes your listing relevancy significantly, it is easy to get rank on top.

Except for the long-tail keywords, we should also search for more hot search popular keywords, a golden keyword will quickly get ranked, which is high search volume and low competition.

How to find Etsy keywords for SEO?

Wow, since the keyword is so important for SEO, how to find the effective long-tail keyword in a variety of combinations? The most important keyword tool I highly recommend for Esty is the below keyword tool lists.

1. Marmalead keyword tool

With this powerful Etsy keyword tool, you are running in the dark without direction, and get access to the insight into the keyword searches, engagement, and competition., the more engagement means the more convert to sales.

So the best way for Etsy SEO is the select the keyword with high search volume, high engagement, and low competition, if the engagement is too low to convert, it is better to remove it from your list.

Marmalead will analyze the sales factors and offer SEO tips, it is easy to get the performance of the title keyword and tags. analyze different databases in a variety of dimensions, such as long-tail keywords, title lengths, focus keywords, and tags. get the keyword with high search volume and low competition.selling tips on Etsy store keyword-5

With Marmalead Entrepreneur, the feature function you can get:

  • Keep track of trending tags on Etsy
  • Check relevancy by filtering for your shop
  • Track keyword performance over time

Marmalead will also show you the most popular tags, and count which indicates how popular is it. it is a great way to brainstorm your keyword related,  and discover the mine gold keyword to up the sales. it also offers weekly hot trends on Pinterest for product research.

2.eRank Etsy SEO TOOL

eRank has several tools that you can learn from other successful Etsy sellers, A top seller section is a great tool for helping your find the best seller in your catalog, you can access what are their best-selling items and what are their popular keywords, and how they optimize their listing.

selling tips on Etsy store keyword-5

The rank checker will show you a full data of the top 500 listings, with this tool, you can access to check the titles, the popular tags, and prices, which items get more favorites and views, and you can reference their performance by titles, tags to brainstorm your keyword combination.

selling tips on Etsy store keyword-5

The keyword module is the best keyword research tool on Etsy. when you enter a search term, it will perform to display you the monthly search volumes, click-through rate(CTR), how many competitions will you get, and what an engagement level is like with these listings? etc, it is quick and easy to explore various statistics for analyzing a listing.

You can find the best selling products on Etsy, while browsing the top seller by category, and discover the Etsy stores that sold the most products, a great way to do niche product research.

selling tips on Etsy store keyword-5

The search trends line chart exposes the performance of the search terms, market trends analyze the actual request in the past year, there is a large amount of keyword related, which is a great idea for specific long-tail keyword brainstorming. A keyword hashtag generator is a great tool for Instagram and Pinterest marketing.

selling tips on Etsy store keyword-5

3. Etsy search bar dropdown

Etsy search bar will show you the hottest and most popular keyword recently when you search for any item keyword in the search box, it will automatically display a drop-down below a keyword list that was searched very often and may get a high search volume. selling tips on Etsy store keyword

The best way to discover the hidden long-tail keyword is to search a popular hot head keyword, when you type the search keyword, do not enter immediately but only beat the space key, it will auto display list of a popular and long-tail keywords, and then plus alphabet from a to z, you will quickly discover a large amount of specific long-tail keyword that you never thought of.

selling tips on Etsy store keyword

If you are acute enough, you will surprise to discover another popular hot list of keyword below the search box in the red box, click the next arrows to see more. this popular keyword may also get high search volumes.

selling tips on Etsy store keyword

3. Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a great free keyword research tool that involves a large number of target users from the internet, you don’t need to run an ad campaign in practice, only try to create ads but don’t pay anything. search item keyword that is popular in Google is also popular to some degree in Etsy search. Etsy can get a high search authority on Google, so if you can optimize your keyword title and tags with competitive and commercial value, it is a great chance to get rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and then rank on Etsy.

selling tips on Etsy store keyword

Although the search item from Google keyword planner stands for all internet keyword terms and they are not the real search volume on Etsy, you can find some of the keyword phrases that you will not expect or thought of, put them in Marmalead to get its monthly search volume and competition or put it on Etsy search bar to check if it is auto on the drop-down box which stand for the top search.

It is flexible to locate any country and language to some portrait of the crowds, get the target keyword search group of people with accurate keyword phrases, you can broaden your search by related search terms to get more long-tail keywords, and add a filter to exclude some are not related. Adding the selecting keyword to your current ads plan overview, and forecast approximate search impressions when you rank on page one of Google.

selling tips on Etsy store keyword

You can also utilize the Google alphabet soup to discover a large amount of long-tail keywords, the same is applicable on the Etsy search bar, type a keyword and enter the space key to check what will auto drop down, and try to go on from a to z.

4. Pinterest search bar

Pinterest is a high conversion social media platform that will bring your great revenue if you can take advantage of it. Pinterest also gets a high weight authority in Google search ranking. There are some hack tips to discover long-tail keywords hidden on the Pinterest dashboard.

Search keyword from the Pinterest search bar with drop-down lists

Search keywords from the Top navigation bar

selling tips on Etsy store keyword-5

Search keyword from the mid-page of the related search.

selling tips on Etsy store keyword-5

Search keywords from Pinterest ads, create ads and not need to run, put a keyword, you will find a variety of keyword ideas from the Pinterest keyword tool.

selling tips on Etsy store keyword-5

5. Jaaxy keyword tool

With the Jaaxy keyword tool, you don’t need to install any app or software, it is an online search keyword tool that can immediately select the best gold keyword which would have a relatively large monthly search volume avg greater than 30, competition QSR under 100, it is quick to determine a gold keyword that can be easy to get rank on Google without the complicated process of the screen out. This keyword search on Jaaxy will help you a lot on Etsy search to some degree.

It is response fast and time-saving, you can take more effort into content creation and content marketing to drive more traffic for your blog, no need to waste time on keyword research. Its powerful function is the best keyword tool I have experienced for brainstorms blogging ranking. check my Jaaxy keyword tool review.

It is free to search 30 times to experience a trial account, sign up here, If you are a premium of Wealthy Affiliate, it is free to get access to the Jaaxy keyword tool. If you haven’t a branding website for promoting your products yet, it is worth signing up for a free Siterubix account to build your own branding, I will be happy to teach you How to create a WordPress website for free.

6. Keywordtooldominator

It is easy to find a long-tail keyword to get access to your target audience by Autocomplete with Keyword Tool Dominator. If you are running multiple e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy, this Keyword Tool Dominator is a great integration for your request, if you are also website blogging and making money online for your business, it also offers keywords for

  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Google Shopping Keyword Tool
  • YouTube Keyword Tool
  • Walmart Keyword Tool

All of the keyword suggestions shown are retrieved in real-time from the corresponding autocomplete service. Use seed keywords with one, two, or three words to search for more long-tail keywords. For example, selects the Etsy keyword tool, type a keyword like “eucalyptus garland”, and it is easy to get access to all the popular keyword auto-complete on the drop-down box, when you get a list of such keyword, checking the number of listing use this search term to get its competition.

selling tips on Etsy store keyword-6

7. Keywords everywhere

I would recommend this keyword tool to every SEO & digital marketer. But every tool has two sides. When you are checking keywords in the Etsy search bar suggestion, if you add a keyword everywhere extension, no need for another separate keyword tool,  and get the total results listings on top of the search to check its competition. it is easy to get its search volumes on Etsy, this search volume is also applicable on eBay and Amazon. when you search on Google, it will offer more suggestions than Google auto-complete on the right side of the Google page.

selling tips on Etsy store keyword-7


  • Easy to use and store keywords, very friendly to the user., and save lots of time.
  • When you type the keyword on the Google search box, keywords everywhere will appear some keyword suggestions on the right side of Google, if you update to a premium paid member, it is easy to get search volumes of search terms by batch, and easy to export.
  • Great free SEO tool for content creators and businesses on a small budget.
  •  This browser offers search volume and CPC data for free.
  • Great extension for quick webpage keyword density checks.
  • Marketers can use this tool to analyze keyword data for the web page.


  • If you need some high-level analytics or advanced keyword suggestion for your SEO strategy, this is not it.
  • There is no competition on this keyword everywhere, you need to put the search terms to a third keyword annalistic tool to get its competition data like Semrush.
  • Keyword data gets from Google, not exactly from Etsy search, the data for Etsy store is not exactly but only get keyword idea and brainstorm.
  • There is a limitation function for a free account.

8. Amazon search bar drops down the same as the Etsy search.
9.eBay search bar drops down the same as the Etsy search
10. Question and answer BBS like Reddit and Quora
11. Profession forums in your item industry

2. Great Listing Title With Target Keyword and Broad Hot keyword

You should put the main specific long-tail keyword in the first 40 letters, because it only displays the first 40 letters in the search results on Etsy search results, no matter on PC or App, so whether you get a click from the user depend on the fantastic picture and the main 40 letters keyword, if don’t catch their eye at the first glimpse on this first 40 keyword on the title, you will lose the chance to get this customer

Etsy search gives a weight authority to the first 40 letters in front, it ranks the front keyword as more relevant to the customer’s search, and this also applies to Google. So.try to add 1-2 specific long-tail keywords and 1-2 broad hot keywords in the first 40 letters is very important to get a rank on Etsy search.

Keyword inspires by attributes of products that are applicable in like occasions, styles, colors, solutions, a specific group of the crowd, material, and holidays.

3. Great Listing Description With Keyword Match The Title

It is important to add the keyword in the description to match the listing title in the first 160 letters paragraph which is also matched the keyword in the title, Your title is the first text shoppers will see from your listing. Make sure it is clear, concise, and makes sense on mobile devices which make up the majority of Etsy shoppers.

If you can answer any question in your description someone might have if you’re selling, less likely people are going to have those questions and then they can just move forward with the purchase, and a lot of time people don’t purchase, because they don’t know everything about it, or have any question about your product that don’t know about the detail like material, size, applicable of group people, the occasion, the shipping day on delivery, the refund and return policy, the more detail you offer, the more chance to get order directory.

4. Full 13Tags With keywords Match The Title

You’d better all full of 13 tags with keywords that match in the title, there is a limitation on tags with 20 characters maximum, if your keyword is longer than 20 characters, you can split it into different keyword combinations. Note that remember to include title keywords in all tags. Take for example keyword of Ivory Wedding Table Runner, you can split it into Ivory Table Runner and Wedding Table Runner,. Don’t just go to copy other sellers’ tags but base your own keywords on the listing title.

5. Consistent With Recency Listing

Recency is obviously renewing an item or posting new items. so you should renew your item depending on how many items your store has, if you have fifty items, a hundred items, or a thousand items, you are renewing 10% of your items every month if you have fifty items that are only five renewals. If you have a thousand items, you would have a lot of renewals, Every time renew will cost you 20 cents.

So I would suggest if your item that’s really selling very well if it sells enough, you don’t even need to renew it more often. just renew it once a week. renewing a selling listing is always a great way to increase the high rank for your Esty sales. There are three factors but recency is very important, if your item has been listed there for three months, it’s not as likely going to rank as high as an item that’s only been there for three days. Esty rewards new items with boosted traffic at a higher place in Esty search, so it is a good idea to consistently list new items to your Esty shop.

Another method to let your item get recency rank is to set it auto-renews at peak traffic times. you can track the peak traffic time on your status, don’t set auto-renew on the time that people are sleeping at night.

6. Increase Your Conversion Rate

If we get 10.,000 views on Esty in a month, we’re going to most likely $3,500, so if one item is getting 500 visitors in a week, and it sells five times, that is a 1% conversion rate, and if another item is getting 500 views, and it sells ten times, that is 2% conversion rate, then it’s selling a whole lot more.

There are a lot of factors that come into conversion rate,, you have to have fantastic pictures, and a reasonable price.
If someone goes onto Esty search bar, search an item with a specific keyword like a floral crown for bride burgundy and pink, pull up your item, favorite the item, if the customer spends time looking at your item for a few minutes, and then add to cart, and then go ahead buy it, that is going to help you a lot for the keyword rank in Esty search engine, why? because Esty might think that this keyword is highly relevant to your item.

So even if they don’t buy it, but they favorited it and then spend five minutes browsing it, Esty tracks how much time every single page is open and viewed on every single person’s computer. on the contrary, if they search your item, click to open your listing link without a second and they immediately close the page then jump up to leave, Esty will think that your item is not relevant to that keywords.

7. Fantastic Picture and Pricing For Listing

The fantastic picture gets a big chance to catch the eye of customers to click for checking listing detail. If it is not clear enough or not attractive to glance, at first sight, visitors will jump away from your list and visit other competitors.

Pricing is obviously really relevant to your conversion because if your pricing is out of line, your items are not going to convert very high, if you are selling a golden necklace and everyone else is selling the exact same for half the price, and yours isn’t anything special, then you’re going to have a hard time competing, obviously if you have a unique item that people
really like, they fall in love with and they buy finally. if you have a good pricing structure and I’m not always saying you have to be the cheapest, you just have to justify your price and make it relevant.

8. Relative Blog Post Referrals

You can create your own brand website to write a post with keywords to rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. If you don’t have your website, it is simple and easy to establish a WordPress blog website for your blog with Siterubix website, if you don’t know How to create a WordPress website for free, I would like to teach you step by step to Building Your OWN Niche Website. in just 30 seconds without any technical problem. Establishing a powerful website is no longer Network technicians only. everyone can with the integration of Wealthy Affiliate technical support.

Building platforms like Wealthy Affiliate which is integrated with web hosting, domain, and powerful keyword tools Jaaxy, which is the essential powerful website keyword tool to optimize your SEO ranking on the search engine. This is the best keyword tool that I had used to optimize the content ranking, You can check the Jaaxy keyword tool review. It is not the only keyword for the blog posts, but is also applicable to an e-commerce platform.

Before starting up your online business, you should select your own niche keyword, it is helpful for you to do your niche keyword research in this article about The ultimate guide for website keyword finder. Why keyword is so important? It can tell the search engine what your content is and make your content enable it to be found by your customer if your keyword is related.

The next step to start your blog post is to create content for your website because the content is the king, you should put every effort to create interesting, passive, or information content for your customer. Note, always solve the issue from your customer’s pain point, always be helpful and continue to offer useful content.

When you create more and more quality and relevant content based on SEO, it is very easy to get ranked on search engines Like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you put your emphasis on helping people to get on your blog post, there is no difficulty to get tons of target audience to drive to your website and backlink to your Etsy product, and no doubt to get a high conversion for your Etsy store. That is the blog post referral traffic, this article on how to get more traffic for your blog-21 Tips and Tricks will overturn your view on blog traffic.

If you haven’t built your own website, you can also search for some relative niche websites that had built lots of target traffic in their blog, and get more target backlinks by offering them your affiliate program. There are many affiliate networks for a merchant to join in and offer their affiliate programs to get affiliate marketers’ referral traffic, these affiliate marketers are ver professional to drive tons of target traffic to your products and increase your Etsy sale.

9. Social Media Traffic

There are so many social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Quora, Reddit, etc. These are the mainstream social media that you should take advantage of. Each has its own characteristics. If you can pay attention to focusing on one or two of the social media and continue to post useful content to your audience, it is not hard to get virals and followers. I have shared a post on How to increase traffic on a website with Quora, you will drive tons of target traffic in a short time,

  • Facebook

Facebook is the first old branding social media, you can reach your target group pf audience according to their age, gender, hobbies, and habits. If you can take advantage of the Facebook group without any spam content to get along with the potential customer, it is easy and successful to win your business without any payment.

  • Twitter

Twitter has become a very powerful marketing tool that is continually evolving into one of the best social media platforms on the web. Your tweets must introduce the users to the interesting and informative content that you create on your website or blog. The ultimate goal is to encourage them to follow you and establish your branding. I will share a post on how to get more followers on Twitter in another post.

  • Pinterest

Do you have there is a large potential target audience that has large purchase power you can easily reach? There is a secret to getting tons of free traffic from Pinterest pins and boards, Pinterest group board marketing, including hack tips to find that relatively hot and competed keyword from Pinterest, and adding a hashtag to enable your Pins to search from Pinterest search. I will show you in another article how to get more traffic from Pinterest. If you get a high rank on Pinterest, your blog website will get a high weight authority that will high rank on Google.

Plus, you can also create Pinterest Ads with fantastic pictures or videos to boost your products, it is very cost-effective to get a high conversion because the 10 audiences from Pinterest 5 will order at the Pin link, it is so easy to get a start, run and optimize the Pinterest Campaign. you can save lots of budgets compared with Google ads.

  • Instagram

Instagram will give you an amazing speed to get a large number of target followers to your business page and click on your landing page to convert if you get the hack tips of Instagram marking. Consistent to posting fantastic images and videos with engagement to your audience, adding a relative hot hashtag, scheduling posts at a peak traffic time, tag to relative influences in your product area. Follow more followers and like their posts, increase engagement with them to get more exposure.

  • Linkedin

Linkedin is the biggest business social media and also a website for a job, it is so strong network in all walks of life. You shouldn’t ignore the powerful traffic from Linkedin. Posting diversified forms with images and videos to the Linkedin timeline, adding the hashtag, and utilizing the Linkedin group, it is an effective way to get more views for your post.

  • Quora

Quora is so large question and answer platform that you can easy to know your audience’s requirements when you know what they thought and what they want so that it is simple to target their specific responses and solve the issue that they meet, it is a great way to establish business trust and contact, it is not hard to get them to reach your website and up the sale.

Sure, how first you should know how to select the best question to answer, and which question will make you get more views on Quora. Check this post How to increase traffic on a website with Quora. I will teach you step by step to get the mined gold from Quora.

Become part of the Etsy community’s target traffic in a short time. Etsy community is actually a social media for Etsy sellers, you can learn from their experience of selling tips on the Etsy store, or ask for advice from other Etsy sellers about your post listing, the title, description, and pictures.

The content goes here.

10. Submit Etsy Coupon To Coupon Submissions Websites

  • themommyinsider.com
  • Promotioncode.org
  • RetailMeNot
  • Coupons.ca
  • CouponGreat
  • thekrazycouponlady.com
  • Coupongreat.com
  • I Love Coupons
  • Coupons and Deals
  • GoGoShopper.com
  • Me Find Coupon
  • The Krazy Coupon Lady


I hope these 10 tips selling on the Etsy store will help you a lot to drive tons of target traffic. the most important one is Etsy SEO tips because it is stable traffic once time work to get revenue once you get rank on Etsy search. thought it is not the only strategy for boosting selling on Etsy store, diversified traffic source performs to be better than a single one, You don’t have to worry about a sudden drop in traffic from a particular channel Try to master more hack tips on selling makes your success in Etsy store. so you will be the next top-selling on Etsy. If you want to learn more about SEO tips or internet marketing online for your business, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for you to grow up your marketing tips.

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