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Website keyword finder of the ultimate guide

Have you ever been puzzled by the website keyword finder at the beginning of your content? Did you waste lots of time on the keyword research on your website? Follow the ultimate guide for a clear answer, this guide will show the best-ranked keywords in a breeze.

It is without a doubt, that keyword research is one of the most important steps for the whole success of your online business. As keywords are the foundation of your SEO success, actually, if you use the right techniques, keyword research is not that complicated.

Understanding Content Keywords Research

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the act of finding keyword phrases that are relevant to your Niche website, the content topic decides whether or not it is appropriate to create your website content. The keywords or keyphrases are used to create helpful, informative, engaging, and interesting content.

In simple terms, It is the words that people use to search for solutions or online items. When people type in Search Engines with a keyword in the search box, Google or other search engines will show lots of the most relevant results. The keyword will make sense to exist because of the Search Engine.


Why need to do keyword research?

When you click the relevant results that had ranked in Google or search engines, they will get target organic(free) traffic to their website, and then make revenue. The more target keywords you get ranked, the more traffic you drive to your website, and the more revenue you earn.

Content is the king, so the important step is not only focused on keyword research, but also on creating relevant content. The role of SEO is to get more target traffic with the Niche target keyword, Before creating every post content, you should choose the low fruit hanging keyword to get ranked in Seach Engines.

The Importance of Website Keywords to Your Business

Use keywords for website content topic

keywords are useful in your online business, they are the starting point of your website content, ranking & traffic, and ultimately convert into revenue. Whether you are trying to get ranked with organic search traffic, or invest in a paid advertisement, a keyword is an important way to capture more target audiences to your websites.

Take for example,  when you search for a content inspiration platform for the website, type in Google keyword about Buzzsumo, search results on how to make use of it to write your original unique content for your blog, if it gets ranked on Google, this post will show up to you, this is natural SEO ranking, If I make recommendations with Buzzsumo content get ranked, then I will get a reward for this post.

What if I create more fresh content with more target keywords? Not to mention getting more traffic, each post with one target keyword, and 100s target keyword generate 1000 potential Google ranking, these can drive tons of target traffic every month when you get ranked on the first page.

What are the best keyword tools for a Website?

Most people make keyword research complicated, and take lots of time and effort to finish. actually, it is not, Jaaxy makes it easy if you know how to do it in the right way, Select the proper keyword for your relevant content, and it has a greater chance of getting top rank in Search Engines.

What kind of reliable keyword tool do you use to find the proper keyword for your website? there are so many keyword tools in the market, from a free version to expensive keyword platforms, but none of them offer the accurate data that I need.

I don’t find any keyword research tool to be so highly effective as Jaaxy, not only because it is time-saving, but it is also cost-effective. Jaaxy is founded by the same owner of Wealthy Affiliate, it is designed for affiliate marketers and internet marketing.


Multifunctions of Jaaxy keyword tool

I use Jaxxy because it has a lot more features making keyword research a breeze, no need for manual selection for the high traffic, low competition keywords; It automatically offers the accurate data and criteria within a few seconds, no software to install, and it is easy to type a broad keyword in your Niche and narrow down to generate lots of potential keywords.

It is not only a simple keyword research tool, but it also has many functions, like checking the site rank, searches Analysis, finding affiliate programs, keyword brainstorming, etc; I had written an article about the Jaaxy keyword tool review 2022, check it to see how strong is the keyword platform.

For every potential Niche keyword, you can dig deep to discover more low-hanging fruit keywords. Why choose low hanging fruit keyword? it is common to mistake most newbie website bloggers at the beginning.

Selecting the high traffic and high competitive keywords for their content, it is difficult to get ranked and will end up so low, particular with a completely new website that hasn’t gotten any authority and trust with Google and other Search Engine, you won’t get traffic but failure with frustrate.

What is low hanging fruit website keyword? what are the criteria for it?

Essentially a low-hanging fruit keyword is the low competition keyword, that has a certain search volume but is not so large, like an apple tree, most people try hard to pick the large apples on the top, and most high traffic fight for, they neglect the low hanging fruits at the bottom, not so large and ripe enough but still delicious, there are few people to pick or just ignore them (less traffic).

Google ranks low competitive keywords ahead of more competitive ones. I can see a post with” low-hanging fruit” would be more refreshing to Google; It is more appropriate for a new brand website to get ranked in Google, Bing & Yahoo, actually, it is suitable to get ranked forever in any phase of your website, whether you are a new brand or high authority website.

3 criteria do keyword research

There are 3 criteria you meet when you do keyword research with the Jaaxy keyword tool. You are going to get traffic to meet these three criteria, with a certain monthly traffic volume Avg above 50, low competition QSR below 100, the third is the keyword make grammatically sense that match the real human search.

  1. Keyword must meet the monthly search volume( Avg), the average number of searches that the keyword achieves per month, ideally Avg above 50, the higher the better, if the keyword doesn’t have a certain search volume, means that there are few people searching for, even if you get rank on the first page, it makes no sense for traffic to your website. Avg with 30 is also ok if there are not so many match keywords.
  2. The keyword must have low competition(QSR) below,  QSR is quoted search results, the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword, ideally, QSR is below 100, the lower the better, if your website got some rank and authority, QSR below 150 is also ok. You have to consider the competition but not only the traffic volumes, if you do that, you will also get rank easier.
  3. Keywords must make grammatical sense, if the keyword or keyphrase could not match in an accurate sentence, it is not an exact search by a real human, it may be some recommendation by a Google robot, and you will not get the accurate data, in that case, just ignore this keyword, type for another one that makes grammatical sense.

Features of Jaaxy keyword tool

Finding a keyword with super high traffic but crazy competition, there is no chance to get ranked on the first page. There are also other criteria you can reference with KQI, which means Keyword Quality Indicator, Green is Great, Yellow is OK, Red is poor, you should forget. and SEO score is a score base on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page, scale of 0-100, the higher=the better.

It is time-saving to select the low-hanging fruit keyword with Jaaxy

You can easily use the Jaxxy keyword tool by signing up a free account, then click the sub-menu on the left sidebar of Jaaxy research, it will pop up the search box to type a broad Niche keyword, and get the results as below, take for example to search for Twitter for businesses, it is easy to get the data and the criterion in just a few seconds. Following the criteria above, you will quickly search the relevant Niche keyword for your content, very highly effective.


If you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, it is an unlimited search forever without any extra payment. Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive online business training platform designed for internet marketing, whether you are just an online marketing beginner or an experienced blogger. It is a legit company without any scams, check this article The honest wealthy affiliate reviews 2022, you will get fantastic for its feature.

Jaaxy is easy to manage keywords

Another powerful feature of Jaaxy is to save keyword lists, you can spend some time on keyword research and save a list of relevant keyword lists, then export them in a spreadsheet, every post targets only one low-hanging fruit word.

It is a better way to manage keyword and create more internal links, internal links is also an important factor to consider for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so your task is to come up With lists of Keywords, Try to search keywords under 100 QSR before creating content.

Always do consider the people’s solution

Remember all your content to attract people to click is to solve people’s solutions, so you should always take the perspective of visitors and research some keyword about people’s pain points questions with your keyword. such as:

  • What
  • Where
  • Why
  • When
  • How
  • Who

Leverage Google Alphabet Soup Technique to find website keywords

Google’s instant search with auto-complete keyword phrases is also worthwhile to take consider when searching for website keywords, leverage the Google Alphabet Soup Technique, it is also a good free website keyword finder in Google’s house, you can come up with too many ideas which you will not though of and great discover within any Niche market research.


It is based on broad a keyword or keyphrase when type another letter from A to Z, Google instant shows up a series of auto-complete keyphrases, different letters auto-complete with different key phrases, and you will find endless potential long-tail keywords and low-hanging fruit keywords for content marketing and Niche market research, yet highly relevant (and high converting) keywords.

Take for example typing search for travel, it will auto-complete with a series of different keyphrases as below. Would you have thought of all these variations so quickly without Google’s instant auto-complete? Properly Not!


When you come up with a huge amount of potential Niche keywords with Google Alphabet Soup Techniques, you can combine the following website keyword finder tips below which will make your keyword research breeze through, and save lots of time to slove with other online work.

  • Use the Alphabet Soup Technique to Narrow Down & Find Potential Niche Keywords
  • Uncover the Unlimited Keywords for your SEO & PPC Campaign
  • Use the Alphabet Soup Technique + Jaaxy Keyword Tool to dig for more potential Keyword
  • A great way to uncover lots of Long Tail keywords

Leverage Keywords Everywhere

This Keywords Everywhere is a Google plugin that is a free approach to finding lots of potential keywords. Search Keyword Everywhere in Google extension and install this plugin, it will ask for your email to get an API key, just copy the API key to active, and then it is free to use it.

When you type a keyword in the Google search box, it will come up with lots of Google instant keywords, combine with the Alphabet Soup Technique by adding different letters, you will find lots of keywords with monthly search volumes, and relevant keywords are listed on the right sidebar and the bottom relative search.


How to get the competition with these keywords has just been found? When you export this keywords list or copy the series keywords with volumes into the excel file, get the four data to determine the competition.

  • Get the search volume of the keyword phrase
  • Search the exact match phrase competition with a quote
  • Search the title tag search using- in the title: your keyword
  • Search the URL tag search using- in URL: your keyword

Take, for example, look for affiliate marketing and come up with how to start affiliate marketing, how to start affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing for beginners, affiliate marketing for beginners, affiliate marketing for beginners, then get the above four data, and check affiliate marketing for beginners will be the more suitable keyword with low competition and relatively high volume.

But the manual process for keyword selection is a little complicated and time-consuming, so it is better to combine it with Jaaxy Keyword Tool when you get lists of keywords from this plugin.


Leverage the Big eCommerce platform for keyword research

Big eCommerce like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Etsy, if you want to promote products from this eCommerce platform, to dig for a more relevant keyword, a better way is to search keywords from these platforms for writing product reviews on your website. Search keywords from the product title, description, or comments platform.

Leverage the Quora platform for keyword research


Quora is an American question-and-answer website where questions are asked and answered. It is a knowledge share platform and learning platform, there are millions of question and answer generate every month.

You can leverage the solution solve keyword to dig for more potential target keywords, this kind of solution keyword is just to hit the pain point people want to solve, if you can content post based on this kind of keyword, you will get tons of target traffic for your website.

There are many ways to search for the relative questions on Quora, just type a broad keyword in the search box, like search affiliate marketing, then get a general search or topic search, you will find lots of keyword questions list, or direct to a keyword topic.

Click the answer, there are also many relative keyword questions, click on one of the questions, and you will find lots of relative questions listed on the right sidebar. All of the keyword questions are a huge potential website keyword finder for your blog content.

Try to find a good question that has many followers, upvotes, and a few questions or the latest questions to get a top answer to get more views. If you can properly leverage the Quora platform, you can not only discover lots of target keywords but also drive tons of traffic to your website, check this article How to increase traffic on a website with Quora.

Leverage Yahoo Answer o discover question keywords

Yahoo answer is also a question and answers like Quora, people get used to answering questions on a question-and-answer platform like Yahoo, but Yahoo Answers retains a bad reputation for allowing the general populace access to it, which then affect Yahoo Answers severely, Quora allows to filter the very worst out, but whatever it takes, a different platform with different audiences, it is still a strong Q & A platform worth of your digging for keyword research.

Leverage Answer The Public to search question keywords

Answer the public is an insight search designed for any marketing team. The auto-suggests results provided by Google & Bing are a goldmine of insight for today’s marketers, It’s perhaps one of the best but most underutilized sources of research for content ideas. Search for every broad keyword will auto-generate queries of people’s motivation and emotions.

Uncover a large number of question keywords with question words like where, when, why, who, which, what, how, are, will, can, etc. combined with the Quora platform and Jaaxy to search these questions, another powerful source to do website keyword research. You should make the most of it as a free finder for keyword research and content marketing.


Leverage Google Trends To find the breakout keywords

Google Search Console and Google Trends are not actually a Keyword Tool, but good website keyword finders that will discover a gold mine. There is a helpful keyword list on your Google Search Console’s performance report, the report list out the pages on your site that get the most clicks from Google, it is the exact keyword that brought visitors, make use of these keywords to create more fresh content.

Google Trends helps to find the popular topic that has an increased or decreased trends to determine whether is a hot search for people, you can use the Related topics and Related queries to find the increasing trends of keywords, and analyze audiences with Interest over time and Interest by region.


There are still many keyword tools for website keyword finder, but combining the above keyword research channel with the Jaaxy keyword tool, I think it is enough for you to select the low-hanging fruit keywords for your website to get rank, follow the three criteria of Jaaxy keyword platform.

You can come up with lots of potential target keywords that can drive you more traffic, the most important one, it is cost-effective and time-saving. Hope the ultimate guide for the website keyword finder above can help you a lot for your online business. If there is any question on keyword research about Jaaxy, welcome to leave questions and comments below.

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